Jeetwin Guide: Sexiest Online Live Dealers

As the online casino player in this country, you could have also heard about this Jeetwin. Even people who do not play online know the name of it. This is, perhaps, the power of celebrity endorsement. With a Bollywood actress, the face of Sunny Leone all over the Website of Jeetwin, this is hard not to know about this. So, we at the Rupee casinos decided to see all this noise.

Is Jeetwin that good, and does this live up to its hype? How much does the presence of Sunny Leone help to sell their bonuses and games? These questions are tough to answer, but we have also tried to lay this all out in front of you, out in the open, so you can also decide if you want to provide this jeetwin with a bit of try. This does not matter whether you are a professional and experienced online casino player or just the enthusiast who wants to see what this casino particularly has to offer. You can get many websites to know about the sexiest online Live dealers.

So, what is this Jeetwin?

Jeetwin is an online casino and offers sports betting & some other entertainment games to Indian & Bangladeshi players. An entire premise of their Website also revolves around creating gambling, a relaxing & fun pastime for their patrons. Indeed, we felt that their Website lives up to the actual claim, but more on it later.

They have also introduced themselves as the appropriate online casino website, which focuses on player security & anti-fraudulent activities. Established in 207, it has been almost two years that they have been in this business. From the beginning, with only a few games on their roster, this seems that they have appeared a long way. Behind the Website of jeetwin is a team of professional experts who have been involved in online casino games for a long time.

Jeetwin Bonuses

Well, maximum of you have also been eagerly waiting to know more about the variations bonuses that jeetwin has to provide. And we do not blame you. While you are playing this online & confused with where to play, sometimes, the promotions help make the proper decision.

Free sign-up Bonus:

You do not require to deposit any money to make this particular claim; as long as you have registered the account. Once they check their details, the Bonus will also be credited to your account. Of course, since this is the Welcome Bonus, only you get this once.

This appears with the 20x Wagering need, which means that you have to wager the INR 20,000 for withdrawing the future winnings of you utilizing that Bonus. If you do not meet the wagering requirement, the actual reward will be erased from your account after a month. There are a few other terms & conditions involved, such as the promotional balance amount. If this amount is higher than INR 1,000, then this balance 2ill also be wiped out; and only you will have INR 1000 in your account. So, an expert will advise you to get this right away at the very start to utilize this before going for any other promotions.

However, as Rupee casinos, the Welcome Bonus is pretty low considering other players. Considering the vast roster of games, Jeetwin should have provided the players with a higher welcome bonus for attracting new players. Nevertheless, this does get you began on your new journey here at this Jeetwin, hit the more elevated amount would also have created more sense at this particular stage. This is the best place to earn some extra money; and if you know all the methods of this game, you can easily rule the play. 

Hundred per cent deposit Bonus:

Once you have registered the account & created the first deposit, automatically, you become eligible for this Bonus. Jeetwin provides players with a tremendous boost of up to INR 10,000, depending on the initial deposit amount. So this permits you to double the account balance.


Last but not least, the casino visit would not be complete without playing the fee rounds of Roulette, is not it? Luckily Jeetwin has both American and European Roulette so that you can easily take play whichever suits you the best. For those just beginning to play this Roulette; our advice would also be to play this as much as possible if you want to learn this. There are no game methods that can assist you to win apart from practice. The more you play, the more you can understand.

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