Jeetwin Funky Time Game: A Guide to Play This Game

Funky Time Game is one of the most awaited and popular games from the famous gaming platform EvplutiojGa,ing. Evolution is one of the most popular game developers and their popular games like Crazy Eight and 1970 are just the hot cakes of online casino gaming. For those of you who love playing 1970’s Evolution Gaming, you would surely enjoy the Funky Time Game. It has almost the same interface as Evolution’s other games.

The mechanics of the Jeetwin Funky Time game is very simple – There is a huge wheel and it is segregated into 64 segments. The wheel is quite lucrative being adorned with LED panels. The wheel is also demarcated with multipliers. The name of the wheel is Digi Wheel. The segments in the wheel are as follows:

  • Number One Segments on the wheel. It has a pay out of 1:1 and has 28 numbers on the wheel.
  • The Letter Segments with a payout of 25:1 that are 24 in number.
  • Four bonus rounds named Disco, VIP Disco, Stayin’ Alive, Bar
  • Multiplier which are up to 50 X

Why is Jeetwin Funky Time Game so Popular?

You might be in a dilemma, what so special about the Funky Time. Funky Time is an extremely appealing game in terms of almost everything. It also has the best entertainment features – be it the graphics, music vibe or the funky theme. It is ideally suited for the Slot lovers. If you are ardently in love with Slots and prefer it over everything else this game is going to be the best for you. The game uses RNG at a very high rate and could also influence decision making capacity of the players. In true terms, the game is an ideal crossover between Slots and Roulette.

It is ideal for the bettors who want to play at low stakes. Even for very small bets, you can hit sizable wins. Even the high stake lovers can play the game for potential wins. Players can also play Jeetwin Funky Time Game Live. The game objective is to bet on any wheel segment and wait till the wheel stops only to check if it has stopped at the region where you had placed the bet. If it stops, you are fortunate enough and would win the bet and if it does not,  luck doesn’t favor you.

In the Digi Wheel, there are two types of segments – The first type is the instant win segment and the other type is the bonus round triggering segment. The Number One and the Letter Segments belong to the first category and the second category gives off prizes with a multiplier value.

The Digi Wheel of Funky Times Game has many more features than the random slot wheels. The cool images keeps the players engaged and thrilled to keep on playing the game. It was made even bigger and more attractive to enhance the payouts.

Jeetwin Funky Time Game – Entertainment at Its Best

The Jeetwin Funky Time Game is a great way to have fun and entertainment. Evolution has set forth the beautiful betting facilities for the players to enjoy themselves over the game. All you have to do is strategically decide on the bet value. On the Digi Wheel, the players can actually bet on anything but that would not really be a very wise move. Here are some of the best strategies to play and win at the Funky Time Game.

Placing bets on the following is possible:

  • The Letters making up the words Play, Time, and Funk.
  • Also, bet on the Bonus Round Segments (Disco, VIP Disco, Bar and Staying Alive)

There’s also another option called the quick bet that allows players to place a bet on all the twelve letters of the game. With the fantastic AutoPlay feature of the game, the players can now repeat the same bet up to over 100 times. Also, set the loss and win limits to ensure that the game goes on well. Bankroll management is also  a great part of game organization. Keep a track of the spins and keep repeating the previous bets for better winning.

Here are top reasons why you should play the Jeetwin Funky Time Game:

  • Big Winnings: Currently, the Jeetwin Funky Time game is offering huge chances to win. The multiple betting options of the game is a heaven for slot lovers to try their luck and skill to win big.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay is quite immersive with lucrative graphics and music that will keep the players engaged for a long time.

Gain big and play profitable with the Jeetwin Funky Time Game.

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