Double Ball Roulette Explained – Try your luck at Jeetwin

The advance in technologies brings staggering diversity to the gambling industry. In fact, there are several different ways to enjoy classic casino games, and the abundance of unique roulette variations serves as proof. One such variant is the Double Ball Roulette. This Roulette variant’s gameplay is similar to a traditional version of the game. The only major difference is that it can play with two balls instead of one. Of course, this mechanic can increase your odds and make the game more interesting. After hearing the major difference, you are probably wondering how it is possible to get two balls spinning on a wheel without crashing into each other and flying everywhere. Of course, it is possible due to the way they launch. 

In traditional Roulette, you or the dealer physically put the ball in the wheel while it spins. With Double Ball Roulette, you need a compressor to launch both balls. The second ball always looks to land in a pocket first—many online casinos like Jeetwin offer this amazing Roulette variant to their players. Jeetwin is one of the most popular gambling sites where you can play this Roulette variant and get the best odds for your bets. This betting site undeniably provides you with the best playing experience of Double Ball Roulette.

Double Ball Roulette Features:

When you play Double Ball Roulette at Jeetwin, you will get a wide range of betting options. The two balls give you double chances of winning. However, it also lowers the payout ratios. Though it easily mitigates. To increase the payout, the player can bet on both balls. Here the odds go up to 1 3000 to 1, and those are some of the best live Roulette odds. 

One of the best aspects of Double Ball Roulette is that inside betting and outside betting are both possible. Betting outside the table is the real value when you play this Roulette variant at Jeetwin. It means that you can bet on both balls and so you can bet on higher odds. On the other hand, betting inside is all nice and fun, but it is just for regular Roulette players. Betting outside on the Gold Bets is where the money is in this version of Roulette.

How to Play Double Ball Roulette at Jeetwin?

Playing casino games at the best betting sites like Jeetwin help you to get more benefits. Apart from the winning odds, you can also get bonuses and cashback offers that will allow you to play more. Double Ball Roulette is a famous and very different variant of Roulette. When using Jeetwin, this Roulette variant is available in single-zero and double-zero variations. In addition to this, the standard double-zero wheel consists of 38 pockets. Black and red pockets are alternate, just like traditional Roulette games, carrying numbers 1 through 36. Two zero pockets in green color respectively mark with 0 and 00. 

For the large part, the table layout is similar to the conventional Roulette games. However, casino enthusiasts with experience playing Roulette will instantly notice that the betting layout features three rows. Each row features 12 numbers. If you choose the variation that allows you to call bets, you will see that the racetrack points right above the number grid. Since two balls are in play, the odds are modified to reflect that. You have a twice higher chance of winning with an inside bet. Keep in mind that you can place individual number bets. For instance, you can bet on a single 14 and 30.

In case both numbers come up, you will win both bets. The major reason why Double Ball Roulette gets tremendous popularity among fans is that the chances of winning with inside bets are twice as big. You also have the option to bet on both balls that lands on the same individual number. If one such bet is successful, you will get the substantial Double Ball Jackpot. 

Benefits of Playing Double Ball Roulette at Jeetwin:

Jeetwin is one of the most popular betting sites that offer multiple products, including casino games. You can play Double Ball Roulette at this betting site and get amazing bonuses. In fact, Jeetwin has done a fantastic job in rewarding new and loyal players of this variant of Roulette. The promotional offers are also enough to spare and design according to the game. Moreover, you can also get a 100% welcome bonus. The bonus is valid only once you sign up. Luckily, the turnover is 25x that you will receive within 30 days of receiving the bonus. The maximum bonus that you get is ₹5000. 


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Most players love to play all the variants of this famous game. Among all the variants, Double Ball Roulette is an interesting novelty version of Roulette. When you play this game on Jeetwin, the game’s entertainment becomes doubled

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