How to sign up for the Jeetwin affiliate program

Anyone can earn money with JeetWin Affiliate Program with Zero investment. If they can sign up extra depositing members using their exclusive signup link adding your contacts to Jeetwin, you can earn money with ease.

How to join the Jeetwin affiliate program

It’s easy to sign up for the Jeetwin affiliate program. By cooperating with us, you will start making money very soon. If you follow our step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 – Visit our official Jeetwin website first.

Step 2: Locate and click on the Affiliate Program button at the very bottom of the page.

Step 3: You can find some general information about our relationship on this website. Also, there is a button that says “Sign up to be our affiliate” in the middle of this page when you go there. You just need to click it.

Step 4: Enter your complete name, username, password, email address, and phone number. You can enter your Skype and WhatsApp contact information.

Step 5: Describe the origins of your visitors on the next page.

Step 6: The next step is to decide on the sort of cooperation. The “Monthly Revenue Share” option is what we now provide.

Step 7: Entering your bank information is the final step. Your profit gets deposited into this account.

Step 8: Click “Submit Application”. After you have verified that you accept all the terms and conditions.

The benefits of Jeetwin affiliate programs

If you’re still unsure about whether you want to join our Jeetwin affiliate network. Consider these pros:

Jeetwin App – We have created a great, easy. And user-friendly app for iOS and Android smartphones.

Customer service help – Our support staff is ready around-the-clock. And is always warm to help you. You are welcome to get in touch with them whenever it suits you.

Simple and Quick Withdrawals- We try our best to make the money-receiving step as easy as possible. Also, we provide safe and secure payments that are steady.

Statistics – You can keep tabs on data of the clients you have referred. This allows you to find out which method of player attraction generates the most income.

What rewards can you expect by joining Jeetwin affiliate program?

Depending on how many players you suggest. Jeetwin’s affiliate program offers high rewards, including up to 60% revenue share. Your profit rate will rise as you refer more gamers. The program also provides bonuses and promotions to affiliates. However, they need to meet certain performance standards.

The affiliate program for Jeetwin is a great way for people and companies. It help to earn profit from marketing the Jeetwin brand. Affiliates can generate good cash by sending players to the Jeetwin website. All thanks to the site’s high pay structure. The chance of earning bonuses and promotions, and other benefits. Join Jeetwin’s affiliate network now and begin receiving large rewards.

Why Do You Choose the JeetWin Affiliate Program?

JeetWin is a reputable real money gambling website that has been around for a while. Many JeetWin affiliates are already earning well and receiving payouts on time. Affiliates can add their customers to their downlines. And our affiliate managers are on hand to help.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each month’s 10th will see an update to affiliate account balances. Affiliates will get their payment on a monthly basis.
  • JeetWin profit, chargebacks, complementary money, free money offers. And negative carryover are all taken into account when calculating commission.
  • Negative carryovers continue into the next month. If a running month has a profit but negative earnings. The revenue for the following month is changed.
  • Affiliates will get paid at least 1,000. Affiliates’ commissions will be carried over to the following month. If they have less than five (5) real money members.
  • Those with many JeetWin accounts or without an affiliate referral. Or tracking URL will not be in the affiliate downlines.
  • The Company retains the right to stop, change, and close. Or add conditions to its Affiliate Program as it sees fit, in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Affiliates are not eligible for the Referral Bonus. It is possible to take part in extra JeetWin promotions. Affiliates will be fined for violations.
  • Terms and Conditions for JeetWin apply.


We trust that this article has given you knowledge on Jeetwin’s affiliate program. You might attract more people to your website. And raise your earnings by sharing this information to potential affiliates. Don’t pass up this profitable chance. Join Jeetwin’s affiliate network right away to start making lots of money.

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