Jeetwin affiliate login – Becoma a Jeetwin partner

With the JeetWin Affiliate Program, anyone can make money with no investment. You can make money if they can add your contacts to Jeetwin. And join up other depositing members using their special signup link.

How to sign up for the Jeetwin affiliate network

Joining the Jeetwin affiliate program is simple. You will soon start making money if you work with us. If you follow below listed steps:

  • Visit the Jeetwin official website first.
  • The Affiliate Program button can be found at the very bottom of the page. Click it.
  • On this page, you can find some general details about our partnership. You can also click the “Sign up to be our affiliate” button in the middle of this page. It only requires a click.
  • Your full name, user name, password, email address, and phone number must be entered. You can input your contact details for WhatsApp and Skype.
  • On the next page, describe where your visitors are from.
  • Choosing the type of cooperation is the next stage. The “Monthly Revenue Share” option is what we now provide.
  • The last step is entering your bank details. This account will get your profit.
  • Click “Submit Application”. Upon confirmation that you agree to all terms and conditions.

How does it Works?

Working with JeetWin’s affiliate program is easy. Using the URL provided by the JeetWin affiliate program, they refer new players. Gamers that click on such banners, text links, emails and more via the URL will be tracked. And the affiliate will receive credit for the gamers they referred.

You must advertise JeetWin as an affiliate by putting banners, tracking URLs. And advertising on your websites, emails, and other means. There are no monetary risks involved, and it’s a great method for us to turn the visitors to your website into cash. The more players who pass along and refer JeetWin, the greater the revenue.

Jeetwin affiliate programs’ advantages

In case you’re still not sure if you want to be a part of our Jeetwin affiliate network. Consider these benefits:

Jeetwin App– We have made a wonderful, simple app called Jeetwin. And user-friendly app for cellphones running iOS and Android.

Help with customer service – The JW support team is available 24/7. They are always friendly to assist you. You’re welcome to contact them anytime it’s best for you.

Quick and Easy Withdrawals– We make every effort to make the money-receiving process as simple. Also, we offer regular, safe, and secure payments.

Statistics – You can keep track of information about the customers you’ve referred. You can then determine which player attraction strategy brings in the most money.

What benefits come with joining the Jeetwin affiliate program?

Depending on the number of players you propose. High benefits are available through Jeetwin’s affiliate network, including a 56% income share. As you refer more players, your profit percentage will increase. Affiliates can also take advantage of the program’s bonuses and promotions. They have to stick to specific performance requirements.

Jeetwin’s affiliate program is a great chance for individuals and businesses. By promoting the Jeetwin brand, it helps to make money. By directing players to the Jeetwin website, affiliates can make a sizable profit. All because of the site’s favorable pay scale. The chance for receiving bonuses, promotions, and other advantages. Join the Jeetwin affiliate network today to start earning major rewards.

You choose the JeetWin Affiliate Program for what reasons?

A reliable real money gambling site with a long history is JeetWin. Many JeetWin affiliates are making good money and getting their rewards on time. Customers can be added to an affiliate’s downline. Our affiliate managers are also available to assist.

Reward and Commission

As an affiliate, JeetWin will pay you commission. On every player you refer to JeetWin for the duration of their player account. The amount you can make depends on how much traffic you can deliver to your website. On the first of each month, JeetWin will transfer money to its affiliates by bank transfer. Take benefit of these wonderful advantages provided by the JeetWin Affiliate Program:

  • A whole range of products
  • Detailed reporting
  • Reliable and safe
  • Zero startup costs
  • Multilevel commission system
  • 24/7 customer service


We hope that our article helped to inform you about Jeetwin’s affiliate program. Your website might draw more visitors. And increase your revenue by sharing this knowledge to potential affiliates. Don’t let this profitable opportunity slip by. To start earning a lot of money right immediately, join Jeetwin’s affiliate network.

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