Is Sports Betting Legal in Bangladesh?

Betting in sports is one of the greatest ways to earn money. The internet means that more people than ever are now able to bet online. You have full control to bet when you want and on what you want. However, the online platform-based Sports Betting rules are different in different countries. These rules are also not always particularly clear. It is certainly the case in Bangladesh. No law specifically regarding sports betting has ever been passed in this country.  

Online platform-based betting is also illegal in the country. The government of Bangladesh imposes fines and imprisonment as a punishment for betting. Although this is just for land-based betting, there are no specific online platform-based betting laws. It means that the law set out outdated documents from back in 1867. This guide will help you to understand the legal status of Sports Betting in Bangladesh.

Legal Status of Sports Betting:

Unlike other Islamic countries like UAE, gambling is strictly prohibited in Bangladesh. The punishments for organizing gambling activities are very strict in the country. They have to pay hefty fines to prison time. No land-based casinos, legal betting establishments, or bookies exist except for horse racing and lottery.

Betting on sports is gaining popularity in Bangladesh every year. It is safe to say that Sports Betting in Bangladesh is one of the favorite pastimes of the residents of the country. However, this situation looks unusual against the fact that the legislation forbids betting and gambling on sports in Bangladesh. That is why online betting on sports is gaining popularity in Bangladesh.

Betting on sports in Bangladesh is not only a way to have fun and get exciting emotions but also a way to earn some extra amount of money. Of course, no one guarantees you income, as betting on sports is always a risk, but professionals have spent a lot of effort and time studying sports teams and predicting the match’s outcome with great accuracy. 

Laws of Sports Betting in Bangladesh:

It is the case that the act from the 19th century was not written with online betting on sports minds. However, other countries have moved to clarify their laws regarding Sports Betting, but Bangladesh still not clarify its rules. Therefore, betting on sports is something for the grey area. A group of people in Bangladesh believe that the Public Gambling Act of 1867 also applies to betting on sports. Therefore, it is illegal to bet in most ways online. It is why many Bangladeshis feel that betting on sports is not something the act covers. So, due to this consideration, betting on sports in all forms is legal in Bangladesh.

Licensing For Sports Betting In Bangladesh:

License is the most important document that ensures the security and trustworthiness of the website. As you read above in the article, betting on sports is illegal in Bangladesh. That’s why no street bookies are available in the country with licenses. Therefore, online Sports Betting in Bangladesh has a significant advantage, and most well-known online bookmakers have a license to operate. However, this license may be getting in another country; in any case, it guarantees the bookmaker’s reliability and honesty. Online betting on sports in Bangladesh is safe because you won’t get in trouble with the gambling law. In addition, you don’t even need to leave your home to bet on your favorite sports team.

As for security, most good online bookmakers have reliable betting sites that are protected from hacker attacks and so do not share their users’ personal data with third parties. The same applies to Sports Betting mobile. Moreover, transaction security is also at a good level.

Sports Betting Games You Can Play In Bangladesh:

Thanks to the evaluation of online betting and the emergence of blended online betting platforms, players of Bangladesh ought to note that nowadays. They can play innovative Sports Betting games, including horse racing, football, cricket, and many more. Luckily, players in Bangladesh can engage in horse racing at an online casino in Dhaka. When it comes to horse racing, players can get the chance to play various types of bets, from straight bets, place, trifecta, and many others.


Of course, the answer to the question, Is Sports Betting Legal in Bangladesh? Is but intricate. However, there are some uncertainties concerning the betting regulations in Bangladesh, yet many foreign betting sites and apps are now available for gamblers. The information available here will help you to get the advantage of your choices.

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