Is online games a viable way to make money online?

Now that you’re thinking about trying out some online gaming, what if you found out they could also help you earn money?

When we are bored, we all enjoy playing games. Why not try out some phone games in this day and age when everything is online and we do everything on our phones?

You can also try some popular online games that we used to play as kids, such as ludo, snakes and ladders, chess, and many more.

Online games are no longer just for entertainment; they have evolved beyond that in recent years. Online games are designed to test your critical thinking, reflexes, eye and hand coordination, puzzles and quizzes on almost any topic imaginable, including current events, general knowledge, music, sports, and so much more.

Do Online Games Pay?

Yes, you can make money by playing online games. It’s not just for live-stream gamers who get paid to play video games from sponsors. Or gaming tournaments in which you must pay to play games to be eligible for the grand cash prize.

Simple gamers can earn money by playing video games or game apps directly on their phone, without the need for live streaming.

Types of Online Games that Pay

  1. Fantasy games
  2. Word games
  3. Strategy games
  4. Fighting games
  5. Arcade games
  6. Slot games
  7. Casino games
  8. Poker and card games

The key to earning money is to select the appropriate games and platforms. Some online games allow you to earn a lot of tokens but do not allow you to convert your winnings into cash. It’s all for your ego as if you’re receiving a virtual trophy.

List Of Online Real Money Games To Play


Many experts recommend Crickex, which has nearly 1,000+ active player. It is a fantastic contest in which you will answer some simple questions and be eligible to win prizes.


For quite some time, Jeetwin has been India’s & Bangladesh’s number one online gaming site. The site provides cash games and tournament poker in the no-limit hold and pot-limit Omaha formats. Cash games are available in six-max and nine-handed formats, and tournaments come in a variety of buy-in levels.


Dream11 is an online sports gaming platform that allows football fans to play fantasy football for as little as Rs. 100. Fantasy Sports Info created it, and it has over 10,000 instals to date.

Paytm First Games:

Paytm First Games, created by GamePind, has over 1,000,000 instals to date. On the Play Store, it has a rating of 3.7. It is the ultimate destination for game enthusiasts who also enjoy participating in contests, trivia, and other forms of entertainment. Their user interface is simple.


My11Circle is an eSports fantasy cricket game that has 13 million users. It currently has over 100,000 instals and a rating of 3.9/5. In this game, the player can choose from a pool of 25 or 30 players to form a team of 11 members. Just as the live match begins, the performance of your team’s 11 players earns you points. In the end, your final score determines your ranking.

For quite some time, PokerBaazi has been India’s number one online poker site. Baazi Networks Private Limited provides it. The Apple App Store has a rating of 2.7/5. The site provides cash games and tournament poker in the no-limit hold and pot-limit Omaha formats. Cash games are available in six-max and nine-handed formats, and tournaments come in a variety of buy-in levels.

Rummy Circle:

Rummy Circle is a 13-card game and the largest online rummy game offered by Ultimate-Games in India. The fact that more than 10 million people trust the game as a way to earn money in their spare time reflects the game’s growing popularity.


The games listed above are some of the best online games available today that require very little money, to begin with and can make you a lot of money in a short period. They do, however, have daily limits and a maximum value that can be won in a month. A disclaimer should be made because these games are not tax-free. You would have a lot more fun with these games if you played them for fun and entertainment rather than for money. Earning money online through gaming apps and websites may appear to be a quick way to make money, but one should be aware and cautious because they can become addictive

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