ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 in India Winner Prediction

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is approaching. The largest cricket stage in the world is returning for the 13th time after a four-year gap. Teams are experimenting to find their ideal pairings. To win the title, many much-favored competitors will go to the host country. All three of our predictions. The Golden Ball and Golden Boot winners as well as the FIFA World Cup champions—were accurate. Here are its predictions for the ICC World Cup in 2023. This article, will discuss prediction and winning odds for the cricket World Cup.

Who are the World Cup 2023 favorites in cricket?

At the very least, six or more competing countries, or more of the competing countries, will be eager to take home the trophy. This competition should be as thrilling as usual as a result. Yet, by examining the odds. You can determine between the clear favorites and close favorites for this event.

World Cup 2023’s strongest team:

England will have the best and most evenly matched team in the Cricket World Cup 2023. They will go to India in the hopes of defending the title they won at home four years ago. The English people have every cause to hope for yet another ICC title. Despite the fact that it won’t be a simple task away from home. Due to their squad depth and some crucial game-changers.

Most Reliable Team in Cricket World Cup:

Australia is the best team in ICC competitions. On a cricket field, one will always enjoy avoiding the powerful Australians. Despite the fact that they might not be as frightening as they were in the early 2000s. They have five times won the world championship. Australians have a stable lineup consisting of talented players. They might be a very severe threat to the other teams.

Largest fan base in cricket and condition advantage:

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup will take place in India. It will give the Men in Blue the home advantage and the sport’s largest fan base. India is a frightening and deadly home team, as shown in the 2011 CWC. Since they have the largest fan base and will be hosting the entire competition alone this time. They are the biggest favorites to win the 2023 ICC World Cup.

Most Unexpected Side:

Pakistan, as always, is the side that surprises the most! Actually, they won the 2022 T20 World Cup despite falling to Zimbabwe in the final. Pakistan will thus be the most surprising team. They have a good chance of winning their second CWC championship.

Team to Watch in the 2023 CWC:

The CWC 2023 team to watch may be the Kiwis. The Kiwis are dependable in ICC tournaments as well. Even if they have never claimed a World Cup victory. They frequently play in the T20 and One-Day World Cup semifinals. They have advanced to the semifinals in each of the prior four ODI world championships. So it won’t be shocking if they do so again. The Black Caps will suffer a severe setback as they will be without Captain Kane Williamson.

Biggest surprise-giving team at the 2023 World Cup:

At the 2023 World Cup, Bangladesh is the side that is most likely to provide the biggest shock. The Tigers are unquestionably a top-tier team when it comes to One Day Internationals. They have displayed excellent performance in prior years and at international competitions. Given the situation in India, they will be a difficult squad to defeat. They might be lethal in the end. As a result, you cannot write off the Tigers and consider them a World Cup contender in ODIs.

Giant Killers in the 2023 World Cup:

Afghanistan may turn out to be the 2023 CWC’s biggest killer. The Afghans are generally accustomed to the circumstances. And under those circumstances, this sub-continental club could pull off many surprises.

Who stands a chance of winning the ICC 2023 World Cup?

We believe that three teams are the most likely to win the 2023 World Cup out of all the contenders. These 3 groups are:

  • India
  • England
  • Australia


According to the odds, India has the best chance of winning the World Cup. Everything will work in the hosts’ favor, including the weather and the crowd. Besides, England has a great chance because of their extremely talented team. But, according to experts. Australia will likely be the nation to claim its sixth ICC championship. Following the round-robin round. The semifinal and championship games will decide who will win the event. “Australia” is our current forecast for the ICC World Cup 2023.

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