Learn How to Play Online Blackjack Games

The blackjack card game, also known as Twenty-one, is an Online Casino Games that is popular worldwide. Online Blackjack is very easy to learn, and certainly addictive! The main objective of Online Blackjack Games is to outplay the dealer with the cards that have been dealt and to earn an exciting amount of money. It is a game of skills and sheer luck. The odds of winning always motivate the player to play more games and try out his/her luck. Here, we will discuss types of Online Blackjack games, How to bet and win in Online Blackjack games, and the Blackjack card game strategy.

Blackjack gameplay pits the player against the dealer. It uses one or more a deck of cards and can be played with 2-7 players. The Blackjack card value of face cards, i.e., king, queen, and joker, have a value of ten. Cards from 2-10 have their number value. The ace card’s value is either 1 or 11, depending on the player’s need. The player has to outplay the dealer without busting, thereby winning the bet and the money.

There are three possible outcomes in the Blackjack card game. The player can either win by securing a “blackjack” or by having a card value greater than that of the dealer. The other possibility is that the player can lose the bet by “busting” (exceeding 21) or by having a hand less than that of the dealer. The final outcome that is rare, but also not impossible, is to have the same hand as the dealers. 

Guide to Online Blackjack Games

The Blackjack Guide will help you understand the rules of Blackjack Card Game even better.

The basic rule of the Blackjack card game is to have an accumulated card value greater than that of the dealer’s. All the players are dealt with two cards. One card of the dealer will be facing down, while the rest will be facing up. “Blackjack” will be achieved if the two cards value 21. The players can “hit”, ask for more cards, if their card value is less. But, if the player’s Blackjack card value exceeds 21, then the player will be “bust”. Hence, If you are satisfied with the cards that are dealt, you will “stay”. If the player sees more chances of winning, he can “double” his bet and receive one more card.

If the player gets two cards of the same value, then he/she can ask for a Blackjack split. In a “split”, the player will get to play two hands by doubling the bet. If you lose in one set of cards, you will lose only half the bet.

If the player wins, then he gets to keep all of his money and is entitled to get 1.5 amount of his bet from the dealer. Even though the stakes are high, the slight possibility of gaining more than what you had started with, motivates and dares the player to enter Blackjack Online Casino.

However, if the player loses the game, then he will also lose all of the money he bet. And if you “push”, i.e. tie with the dealer, then you will not lose and nor win any additional amount of money.

Types of Online Blackjack Games

Blackjack Online Casino offers different games to keep the players interested. Although the basic Blackjack gameplay remains the same, there might be some changes in the rules of different types of Online Blackjack games.  

Classic blackjack happens to be the most popular and widely played version. It is also known as the traditional blackjack game. The terminologies used can differ from place to place, but this is the original version of the game.

Progressive blackjack has an additional amount of bet that then allows the player to win the increasing jackpot. It has a greater risk, but also a greater profit. European blackjack is different in terms of the decks used. It is played with two decks. And the other variation is that the dealer does not get a second card until the players have made their decision on how to play their cards (whether to split, hit, stand or to double the cards).

Live blackjack game is the virtual form of playing in person. You connect with players around the world and play the live game.

There are several other types of Online Blackjack Games. This helps the player to choose the most convenient form of gameplay from the different options provided by the Blackjack Online Casino. 

How to Bet in Blackjack

The most common mistake that new players do is to bet a high amount of money right at the beginning of the game. You should always remember to start with a minimum amount of bet and then gradually increase the amount as you get the hang of the Blackjack card game. You should never go head over heels even when you get a winning streak, or you might end up in debt. 

Make sure you read all the rules thoroughly and are familiar with the Blackjack gameplay before starting the game. This will help you to measure where you stand in the on-going blackjack game.

Suppose you bet a 100 INR in Blackjack online casino, and you win the game, then you are bound to get back your Rs. 100, and Rs. 100 from the dealer. And in case you win from a “blackjack”, i.e. if your Blackjack card value is exactly 21, then you will get Rs. 150 from the dealer because for blackjack you get 1.5 of the amount you originally placed in the bet.

If you lose the game in which you bet Rs. 100, then you will have to pay the dealer Rs. 100. And if it’s a draw or “push”, then you neither get any money nor have to pay any money.

The payout opportunities are exciting and very appealing, that’s why Online Blackjack Games are very popular and among the most played casino games.

How to Win in Blackjack

Online Blackjack mostly requires the skill of probability calculations, strategy, and experience to win. But, sometimes, it could be a game of luck and chance. It does not guarantee success or a surety of winning. The game deals with real money and real risk, so always think about the consequences before making a decision.

There are very few people who have played it for a long time without being indebted or going bankrupt from playing the wrong cards.

If you develop an Online Blackjack strategy, will help you to get more success rate. The first thing to remember is that the Blackjack card game is a game of mathematical probability. The dealer is obviously more experienced than the players and gains from their failure, so you shouldn’t listen to the dealer’s bluffs or advice. Go all in only if you are confident that the Blackjack gameplay is in your favour.

Remember to pay attention. It might seem like a very trivial thing, but it can work wonders. Always start low and gradually the amount if you win. If you lose, then play the same amount in the next game as you had played in the last.

Remember not to lose reason in passion. A few wins do not always guarantee you with a 100 percent win. Do not get over-excited.

Online Blackjack Strategy

When you are first dealt with the cards, take a moment to study them and then decide if you want to stay or take one more card.

If the cards already add up to a number greater than 17, then try not to take more cards as it has a risk of getting bust. 

When you get two same cards, then you don’t always have to blackjack split. Study the cards. If it adds up to a small value, then do not split them. If you get two 9s or 10s, then you are already very close to 21, and so it wouldn’t make sense to split them.

Blackjack is about skill and luck. So, try improving on your skill. Eventually, with the right strategy, luck will fall in your favour and make it worthwhile.