How to Join? Who can join Jeetwin VIP Program?

The Jeetiwn VIP program is a profitable system of offering sumptuous and high yielding bonuses to regular users and active players of Jeetwin. Jeetwin offers generous bonus amounts to its active and ardent loyal users through these programs. Not only additional bonus, through this program, the users also get exclusive perks such as quick cashouts and refunds, access to the services of a personal support manager and even sometimes lucky draws leading to vacation trips.

This program has become incredibly popular among Jeetwin users and other online casino lovers. The expansive advantages offered by this highly lucrative program is one of the major cart pullers of the massive success of Jeetwin. Let us understand in detail about this incredible VIP program of Jeetwin.

What is the Jeetwin VIP Program?

The Jeetwin VIP program is also known as the Jeet Privilege program. It is a specially curated reward system to show respect to the loyal users of Jeetwin. The active clients of Jeetwin can avail massive wins and several other casino perks on Jeetwin platform through this fabulous program. The players get loyalty points whenever they launch slots or play any other game. These points can later be converted into the money and withdrawn through the redeem section.

Jeetwin VIP program Features

There are 6 hierarchical tiers or levels of the Jeetwin VIP program. Every new level is equivalent to a new rank and can be reached by the loyalty points collected. Each level unlocks new and recurrently exciting offers, rewards and bonus prizes. That directly implies, the more you play, the more loyalty points you collect, the higher your rank gets and you can access more premium rewards.

Now that the users have a fair concept of the Jeetwin program, let us understand who can join the Jeetwin VIP program and what is the exact joining process. Any persistent user who is a verified user of Jeetwin and also credits the Jeetwin wallet regularly with real time funds can have access to the VIP program. The demo players cannot earn loyalty points through the demo game.

It is only after the user becomes a dedicated regular user of Jeetwin that they can access the VIP program. Also, the users need to comply strictly with the norms of the Jeetwin gambling platform and cannot possess more than one profile. Jeetwin online casino games are available only to players above 18 years. Underage gamblers are not allowed to access the Jeetwin platform and neither can avail the Jeetwin VIP Program. Only the honest and adult and loyal users from the Indian subcontinent can have an uninterrupted access to the Jeetwin VIP Program.

How to Join the Jeetwin VIP Program?

Joining the Jeet privilege program is a matter of just a few easy steps. It is quite simple and accessible. The moment a player becomes a verified user of Jeetwin, they are entitled to this program. But to get to the ranks and also become an active Jeetwin VIP member, a few guidelines must be followed.

  • The first step is to sign up with Jeetwin. Open the official website of Jeetwin and click on the Join Now button on the home page. Soon, you will be redirected to a registration form. It will ask for some necessary information through some mandatory details. Enter the details and create your account. You need to create a user name and a password.
  • Now, that the account is ready, it is time to deposit the funds in the account. Sign in to the account and visit the banking page. Now click on the deposit option. For depositing money in the Jeetwin account users can make use of either e-wallets, bank transfers, virtual payments and even crypto currency.
  • Now the users can get the Jeetwin VIP points for free. In fact, every new player on the Jeetwin platform gets loyalty points up to 2500. This prize can be availed within 24 hours of signing up.
  • To gain the extra loyalty points and tokens using real money to place wagers is necessary. Start launching the slots to make initial moves. While doing this, make sure that you activate the Play Real Button. This is truly because otherwise the points would not be added.
  • Exchange the points for real money. Once the players have gained enough loyalty points they can exchange the points for real cash. Simply activate the Redeem tab.

Keep on playing more and more games to earn higher loyalty points and get access to the premium features of the Jeetwin VIP Program.

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