How to Deposit Money at Indian Online Casino?

The craze of online casino has reached from the West to India. Nowadays, you can enjoy playing online casino games even in India with just a few clicks. The main agenda is to have fair and legal gameplay options. So that people don’t hesitate while gambling in our country. Apart from this, there needs to be a better payment interface. Such an option provides hassle-free online transactions of money all over the country. Now the question is how to deposit and withdraw money at the casinos. Let’s take a look at it.

Indian Online Casino deposit- Step by Step.

Depositing money online at casinos has always been a challenging moment in India. Although nowadays, you can safely transact online while gambling. There are a variety of methods to deposit and withdraw money these days. You need to decide which depositing option suits you. But before depositing money at online casinos, you should undergo the following steps:-

  • Creating an account– You have to sign up and log into your casino account.
  • Entering required fields– After carefully examining, you should provide every detail as asked by the interface.
  • Validating the KYC– Are you a valid customer or not? KYC determines this genre. Update the required field and proceed.
  • Account Page– This is the page where you get the ‘Deposit Button’. Press on the Deposit button for Indian Live Casinos Deposit.
  • Amount Selection– Choose the desired amount that you want to deposit. However, please ensure that the amount is more than the minimum limit as mentioned.
  • Payment details- Enter your payment details from where you want to deposit the money. There are several options available. For example, Bank cards, E-Wallets, Cryptocurrencies, UPI, Mobile banking, Net banking, etc.
  • The amount credited– As the money is credited from your desired source, unveil the fun of the game.

What is KYC?

“Know Your Customer” is a feature to have verified customers for safe transactions of money. It is mainly used as an anti-money laundering policy. Likewise the banks and financial institutions, the gambling industry is also aware. The frauds and illicit behavior are of great concern . Thus to prevent this and have a secure way of transaction, KYC verification is mandatory. Firstly, online Casino KYC provides a streamlined solution for the verification of casino customers. Secondly, Indian Casino KYC helps to sweep out gamblers who are not matured and eligible. Moreover, Gamblers who try to clone multiple accounts are also checked regularly by Indian Casino KYC. There are mainly three documents that are reviewed by Online KYC. For instance:-

  • Name of the Player
  • Player’s Date of Birth
  • Address of the Player

If an online casino cannot verify the details provided by you, your account will be restricted. Unless it has been verified, the casino account remains in the same manner. And if the problem persists, your account shall be temporarily suspended. Once submitted, it generally takes 48 hours for the Online Casino KYC to be verified.

Are Online Casino Payments secure?

As mentioned earlier, there are various Casino Payment Methods. Now the question arises, are they all a secure way of the transaction? The answer is undoubted, ‘Yes’. The payment gateways are the top rated payment systems that are used in online casinos. Most importantly, all the casinos are strictly governed under the casino license agreement. Your data are encrypted with top-class Cyber security. However, all the casinos help out the customer with their first payment. The word ‘Trust’ counts a lot on behalf of the entire online casino games. Therefore every browser and apps are provided with a review and feedback system by the customers. To clarify, you can look through the reviews and have a clear idea about the security of the payment. In short, you can go through these 4 points for a secure transaction before moving up at Indian Casino Deposit:-

  • Encrypted Data– Indian casinos use either 128 or a 256-bit version of encryption. It is the same version that is used by the banks.
  • Privacy policy– It gives you necessary information about how the casino decides to use your data.
  • Gaming License–  It includes a lot of essential aspects of casinos. These are- free from the bug, complaints of the player, exclusion of the player, etc.
  • Terms and conditions of the casino.

Payment Methods at Indian Live Casinos

After creating the account , you can transact through different sources. Later the payment gateway will credit the money to your casino account. After that, you can redeem all your winnings through the same interface directly in your bank. For example:-

  • Bank cards– Visa, MasterCard, RuPay cards are the first option on our list. It’s a fast, cheap, and convenient way of depositing money. However, not all the banks support at Indian Casino deposit. LeoVegas is a famous casino that accepts transactions with bank cards.
  • EWallets –Online Payment gateways as Paytm, MuchBetter, Skrill are another way of transaction. For instance, Crickex accepts money from Paytm and other EWallets.
  • Prepaid cards– Paysafe, AstroPay are the prepaid cards you can use while depositing. You need to purchase the cards that range from INR 70-INR 70,000. Later you can use the same for gaming. It is widely accepted in almost all the casino in India.
  • UPI and Cryptocurrency– These are the latest methods of payment. In addition, they establish a secure, fast, and convenient way of transaction.

Summary of Casino Payment Methods

Casino Payment Methods, as described above, are synchronized in a specific pattern. We can consider somehow that the best payment gateway for Indian Casino is Paytm. Paytm is accepted at almost all the casinos. Therefore,it can be regarded as the most efficient way of Indian Live Casino deposit. Moreover, we can also summarize that there are several other methods of the transaction during superfluous entertainment. To sum up, few banks accept the debit cards. While other casinos process the safe transaction through E-Wallets. There is a trusted payment interface while using UPI for deposit and withdrawal. Likewise, Credit cards of the banks also provide a safe and secured means of transaction. Internet banking, though it depends on the quality of the network, is another method.

But the user should remember that numerous frauds are caused all over the internet globally. Though Cybersecurity is top-notch prevention, still the better lies with the user. So the player should progress every step carefully.


From the above article, we can design a vivid idea about the withdrawal and deposit.  Live Casinos’ withdraw method is quite similar to the deposit option. You can directly withdraw from the Casino account to your bank. So after going through this guideline, spend your quality time earning and enjoying. Certainly, Live casino deposit and Live Casinos Withdraw method are straightforward and entertaining. But please ensure you go through all the guidelines carefully before depositing cash. Moreover, if you face any problem, contact the concerned authority for the solution. Have fun and earn.

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