How much casino dealers make in tips?

The skills for working as a casino dealer are being able to think and give great customer service. They also need to be at ease working in a fast-paced atmosphere and can stand for extended amounts of time.

The average hourly wage for casino dealers is $13, but they can make anything from $9 to $17. Tips are not included in this, but they can account for a sizable amount of a dealer’s earnings.

Although casino dealer tips are not guaranteed, a lot of dealers use them as an income boost. The amount a dealer can make from tips depends on many factors. Such as the type of casino, the game they deal with, and the size of the clientele.

For example, Blackjack and Poker dealers can expect more tips. Also, dealers who work in high-end casinos get more tips as compared to small casino dealers. Also, long-term casino dealers and those with sizable clients receive larger tips.

What Is The Salary Of A Casino Dealer?

Looking at the typical pay for casino dealers, you can see that a lot of it is location-specific. You may expect to pay, on average, $27,715 annually in the gaming capital of the world, Nevada. Remember that this is only the average. Some dealers may begin their careers at $16,000, and high-end dealers may earn up to $60,000.

The guys and girls dealing cards in high stakes or important games. Such as large poker tournaments, are considered dealers on the higher end of the scale. Not anyone is allowed entry into the high-limit rooms.

How much do casino dealers make in Tips?

Casino dealer salaries may appear low in part because tips are not included. Of course, dealers may increase their take-home pay and tip income by a significant amount. By being friendly, dealing skillfully, and having some lucky players. It is the same as in many other sectors of the service industry.

Because tips are based on the game’s stakes. You should not expect the same level of affection at a $1 Blackjack table as at a $50-per-hand Pai Gow Poker table. Yet, a casino dealer could expect to get tips of roughly $15 per hour even at the low end. Returning to the range mentioned before, the $16,000 range equals roughly $8 per hour. You’re looking at roughly $23 per hour and a living salary of about $47,840 if you add another $15 on top of that.

Many of these figures also rely on the state. Since Nevadan dealers fall around in the center of the pack when it comes to average wage. Hawaii offers the highest salary to casino dealers, averaging $21.59 and $44,905. In Mississippi, the average hourly wage for a dealer working a table is $14.92. The average annual payment is $31,028.

On the highest end of the scale, some dealers earn over $60,000 in revenue on the books besides receiving a tip of $50 per hour. That implies that, if you play your cards well, you could be raking in a nice $164,000 per year.

Tipping is not required, of course, but it is polite to tip your dealer when playing casino games. It’s not like dining out when it’s normal to leave a tip of at least 10%. But dealers should be prepared to receive a chip now and then—at least once every hour. That has a major effect.

What does that mean in general then? This implies that casino dealers may earn between $16,000 and $164,000. Though the range is large, the majority will work the tables and earn over $40,000 plus tips.

Do Dealers at Casinos Share Tips?

Yes, a lot of casinos have policies requiring dealers to provide their tips to other staff members. Such as supervisors of table games and slot attendants. Typically, the casino decides how much each employee gets.

Do Workers Who Receive Tips Get Taxed on Them?

Sure, tips are taxable as income under both federal and state income laws. Tipped employees must disclose their tips to both their employer and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Also, a few states mandate that employees who receive tips also pay state income taxes on those tips.


Tips are a major part of a casino dealer’s income package. Tips might make nearly half or more of a casino dealer’s whole revenue. Thus, a dealer making $20 an hour could be able to tip an extra $10 or more every hour.

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