How did Gambling Start? History of Gambling Facts

The history of humanity connects with the history of gambling. It looks like no matter how far back in time you go, you can find the sign of gambling. Simply put, you can say that gambling has had different forms in almost every culture throughout history. At the same time, there is some evidence of dice in ancient Egypt. In addition to this, there are some traces of keno-like games in ancient China. Now, there are some more modern forms of gambling that have evolved. Now you have access to real money online casinos at your fingertips. So, it may be worth looking at how humanity reached this point.

It is an undeniable fact that the history of gambling is interesting. History is full of many types of gambling that are present in most cultures all over the world. Nonetheless, the primary forms of social gambling are where players play against each other for fun. Now there is real money betting. You bet for earning real money. In this article, you will learn some of the most exciting Gambling Facts that show the emergence of gambling.

Inventors of Gambling:

Gambling dates back even further than history. Therefore, it can’t be easy to figure out the exact origins of gambling. However, pieces of evidence of the first casino-based gambling have been discovered in many regions of the world, including Greece, China, Japan, and Egypt, with some dating as far back as 2000BC. in actual, the invention of gambling goes back before the casino, the first time two friends bet each other who could win the race, jump higher, or could win a wrestling match. When it comes to casino-based gambling, dice are arguably the oldest implements. They were probably invented in Ancient Mesopotamia around 3000BC. 

Gambling Facts show that gambling dice have also been mentioned in many historical manuscripts worldwide. In China, tiles have been discovered that show that the people of china use them for playing a game that is just like a lottery. There is also some evidence that shows that people also participate in betting on animal fights. Even some rulers of China have been recorded as wasting the state’s finances on gambling habits. The government used Keno slips to get funds in 200BC.

The Ancient Greeks also like to play gambling many Homeric epics, you can find many gambling practices in the Greeks. Greek soldiers were constantly trying to amuse themselves with gambling games. So, their rulers were not happy with this and banned the practice of gambling.  

Did Gambling Exist in Ancient Times?

Anyone who likes to read history could find gambling dens, houses, or street-corner games throughout several ancient civilizations. According to the encyclopedia, dice were originally famous as the name of knucklebones and made from the bones of sheep. However, the first literary mention of dice occurred in India circa 500 BC, in an epic poem. Dice also get a mention in the work of the ancient Greek poet Sophocles and the Bible. All these pieces of evidence show that gambling was a past-time of our ancient human ancestors. 

Where and when was the First Casino Established?

According to history, casinos traces of casinos are available back in Italy in the 17thcentury. However, Romans had been gambling for thousands of years. By this point on the peninsula, Venice had developed the Ridotto by 1638. As the first formal casino, Venetians established the Ridotto to control the chaos from rowdy gamblers descending on the city during the annual Carnival celebrations. Rather than that, they allow people to play street-corner dice games and card rooms in hovels down back alleys. Venice developed a dedicated space for gamblers to congregate. The city could profit from taxing the games people played in Ridotto.

Over the years, casinos spread across Europe. Eventually, some become luxurious places. In the 18th and 19th centuries, lotteries were the most popular fundraising method. Even they used gambling to gather funds for Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. According to Gambling Facts, social betting was so much popular before the launch of commercial betting.

After the federal government placed restrictions on gambling, many states again legalized gambling. New and innovative versions of casino games were available in casinos. They add more variety to the early casinos. Nowadays, gambling has become increasingly merchandized. It has made gambling regulations that are more accurate and effective. Now, gambling is legal in most countries of the world. The modern global gambling market is worth almost a trillion dollars. It is the top revenue earner of today. Technological advancements have also led to a rise in online gambling among several players.


As writings and equipment discovered from tombs and other places show, gambling is one of humanity’s oldest activities. When it comes to the world of Gambling Facts, it is very difficult to anticipate the next innovations in gambling. However, as you learn how people start gambling, gambling inventors are now trying to return to their roots. Currently, more technological advancements take gambling to the next more innovative level.

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