Football Betting Guide: How to Bet on Football Games

Football is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked and famous outdoor games worldwide. Associated with the sport, football betting has also become a thing that is trending nowadays. Nearly 40% of football fans place bets on a football match, and surprisingly, online betting on football matches is legal in India. If someone cracks the basics of betting, they can make money in seconds. To make a mark in this field, one can bet on different football leagues like-


Despite not being too old, this new league is quite popular among bettors and here, one can invest their money to make a profit.


This is another international tournament that is loved and trusted by consistent bettors. Here the bettor can easily make money as it involves the best teams performing.


This tournament comes under the most famous tournaments of football. It is played by 32 teams worldwide, hence it becomes one of the best places for bettors to place a bet on teams from different countries.


With the evolving time, this league has been considered as the best premier league for football recently. It involves famous teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and many more.


Rooted in Spain, this league has succeeded to create a mark in the football era with the best teams playing in it.


This tournament is one of the roughest leagues played all over the world. Rooted in Germany, this league requires utter dedication and hard work of the players to achieve success.

Talking about the betting odds, one should divide one by the odds and multiply it by a hundred to calculate the chances of winning. The percentage can define your chances to win or lose. You can estimate your winning by multiplying your bet on the odds, which will lead to your pay-out. Calculating the exact amount of profit is done by subtracting your original wager from the pay-out.

Before betting, let’s learn about some types to gain success at the end of the day. Some of the betting types are-


This type is certainly very easy, and it is also the most straightforward way of betting on football. All you need to do is think carefully and predict the match’s outcome, like, which team will win, which team will lose, or if the match will end in a draw.


This can be the fittest type for beginners as you can bet on a draw situation and one’s win at the same time in this type of bet. This reduces the chance of losing, and hence it also involves a lower amount of risk.


Handicap betting takes place at the starting time of the match, and in this, a specific team gets a handicap with a plus or minus value example- if a team receives +1 value, it indicates that an extra goal has been added to the team’s score beforehand. This is done to boost the team and make the team feel stronger morally. Similarly, sometimes a minus value of handicap is added to the stronger teams, which suggest that they can win even if some goals are subtracted from their ultimate result.


As the name suggests, the bettor can predict the half time as well as the final result in a single bet in this kind of betting. Before placing this kind of bet, one must do the strength, weakness analysis of the teams to gain success.


In this type of betting, the bettor needs to predict the number of goals over or under a certain number. It is quite a convenient type for beginners as they can bet on goals, cards, etc.


This type of betting is only done in big events, and it is way harder as well as riskier than the previous types of betting as one needs to be precisely accurate about the numbers they are predicting. Various specific events, winning chances of involved teams, winner of the championships, etc., are the topics on which the bettor can place a bet in this type.


This is done while the match is on; and it becomes easier for the bettor as they become able to decide depending on the performances of the match. But this live football betting does not give you the chance to study analytics as it is live betting, and you have less time to think.


When two or more bets are combined, this type of betting occurs. Only experienced bettors should explore this type as it involves a lot of risks, but it also gives great pay-outs.


Any betting and football betting is not a cakewalk until you give it your time and effort. But with utmost dedication and the zeal to do better, one can conquer this field.

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