Ezugi 32 Cards Live Casino Game Review & Strategy

Ezugi 32 Cards is a live casino card game that offers players a new experience. Similar to baccarat, betting attempts to predict which player’s hand will be played. Here, there are four different hands of him to bet on, each with their own odds of winning. All the action takes place at Ezugi’s new studio in India. The quality of the stream was incredibly high, with no stuttering or dropped frames during playback.

This version has an RTP of 93.99% when betting only on the player’s 8 hands. This game is easy to pick up and learn. With 32 cards there are only 4 main bets and no side bets. You can play with odds or predict patterns based on past results. Ezugi 32 Cards makes this easy by showing you the results of the last 100 rounds and how many times each number won.

How to play Ezugi 32 Cards

Players have approximately 20 seconds to place bets before the start of each round. During this time, the dealer reshuffles one deck of his 32 cards so that no cards count. The process of placing a bet is simple. Choose the type of coin you want to play and place it in one of four positions. The payout for each of the 4 positions is displayed below the player’s hand number. After the timer runs out, all bets on the table are accepted. The dealer draws 4 cards from the deck and places them one by one in the appropriate spaces. Each card adds its face value to the mix. For example, if he draws 6 cards he gets 6 points, if he draws 8 cards he gets 8 points.

The points awarded by the cards are added to each hand’s benchmark value. For example, the 8th player’s hand always starts with 8 points. The same applies to the player’s hands 9, 10 and 11. Both points are combined to form the final hand value. Using the previous example, if in player 8’s hand he got a 6 drawn, then in the final hand in that position his value was 14. (6+8=14)

Once the final hand values ​​of all four players his hands are known, they are compared to each other. The side with the highest value is determined as the winner. However, it is possible for two hands to have the same number of points. When that happens, another card is drawn on those two positions of him, resulting in a draw. Once a winner has been determined, the round will restart.

Additional features

We are happy to include the scoreboard for the last 100 laps. You get a lot of information at a glance. Below the scoreboard you can see which bets won most often. The board also allows you to search for patterns. It’s a fun sideline but shouldn’t be considered a reliable strategy. All patterns are random and can disappear as quickly as they appear.

Ezugi 32 Cards Payment ways

The rewards for winning on Ezugi 32 cards are arranged according to the scoring probability of each hand. The 8th player’s hand wins the least because all other hands are in favor. Because of this, this version grants him the highest possible payout of 11:1 if he wins. Other bets and their winnings are listed below.

  • Player Hand 9 – 4.5:1
  • Player Hand 10 – 2.2:1
  • Player Seat 11 – 1:1

If you want to play this game, I recommend sticking with player hands 8 and 11. The 11 often wins, making it a pretty reliable bet. This is reflected in having his second highest RTP of 92.97%. However, the 8th player’s hand is the most valuable bet. Least likely to win, but with high payouts, his expected RTP is 93.99% for him!

Ezugi 32 Cards – RTP and strategy

After Ezugi’s Live Sic Bo, this card game was a great sequel. There is no best house edge out there. However, the RTP breakdown for every bet you can play is very clear. So we are given two very simple strategies to follow. You can easily tell by looking at his RTP for each bet. Betting Field 8 has an RTP of 93.99 and Field 9 has an RTP of 90.08.

Box 10 has an RTP of 87.91 and box 11 has an RTP of 92.97%. The best bet is actually the one least likely to win! It may not seem right at first glance. However, betting area 8 also has the best payouts. It doesn’t win as often, but its higher payouts make it better than the second best. Betting Field 11 comes close, but falls short because of its lower payouts. If you want to play the 32 cards as optimally as possible, always bet on the number 8.

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