Evolution Bac Bo Live Game Review, Gameplay & Strategy

Bac Bo is an exciting and all-new variation of the well-known Baccarat, with dice action added for a unique and entertaining gaming experience. The game is endlessly engaging and has an elegant flow because there is no card shoe change or reset of the game history. The gameplay is simple to learn but exciting, with the potential for large Tie bet payouts!

Let’s take a deep understanding

So, what is Evolution’s Bac Bo

Bac Bo is an Evolution live dealer casino game that is similar to baccarat and was released in 2021. Bac Bo, like Dragon Tiger, has two main bets – Banker and Players, both of which pay even money. Each Bac Bo hand has two rolling dice. In addition, Bac Bo has a side bet called the Tie, which bets on both hands having the same value. Bac Bo differs from baccarat in that it uses four dice. In this Evolution dice game, the player with the highest dice total wins.

Bac Bo is derived from the combination of baccarat and sic bo. Bac Bo has been named by Evolution CPO Todd Haushalter as one of the best Evolution games for 2021.

The game’s quick and simple nature also lends itself well to playing on the go. Simply access the game via your preferred mobile-friendly casino, and you’re ready to go.

Bac Bo Live by Evolution is a live dealer casino game that will be available in 2021. It has an RTP of 98.87 percent and a minimum bet of $0.50 and a maximum wager of $10,000. The game, which is a hybrid of live Sic Bo and live Baccarat, is playable on both desktop and mobile devices.

Betting option and Payouts:

Bac Bo has two betting options: player and banker. Both hands pay out at the same rate, or 1:1. So, if you bet $100, you win exactly what you bet.

As a still-unreleased film, not much is known about Bac Bo. We do, however, expect the betting range to be typical of Evolution baccarat games. In other words, the betting range will most likely range between $0.50 and $10,000 per round. Getting the Tie bet right pays out the most in Bac Bo. If the hands are drawn, you can multiply your stake more than once. Bac Bo is very similar to low house edge baccarat in this regard.

Symbols and Extra feature:

Bac Bo is the best of both worlds. It’s visually similar to baccarat in some ways. When you look closer, you’ll notice that Bac Bo is made up of four dice, which adds to the dynamic. As if that weren’t enough, Bac Bo also has Dragon Tiger’s Oriental atmosphere. As a result, Bac Bo contains three games in one.

This live dealer game only has one side bet in terms of special symbols. Aside from Banker and Player, the interactive dice casino game allows you to bet on the draw.

The round’s winner is the one with the highest sum total. To illustrate, if the Banker has 8 and the Player ends up with a total of 9, the Player wins. As a result, if you bet on the Player, you’ll get a 1 to 1 payout.

In the case of a tie, the payout is greater, but the RTP is slightly lower. The ideal Bac Bo RTP is 98.87 percent. Having said that, Bac Bo is one of the casino games with a low house advantage. The Tie Bet in Bac Bo, on the other hand, pays 88x your stake, which is the game’s jackpot.

Honest review on Evolution’s Bac Bo

The new Evolution games for 2021 are a true show of force for the industry-leading company. They’ve made almost no mistakes while innovating in fun and interesting ways. However, the issue with live casino innovation is that it can sometimes come at the expense of profitability. While we always advocate for putting fun ahead of money, no one wants to keep losing games.

Fortunately, the Evolution Bac Bo game does not have this limitation. Although the overall RTP is slightly lower than in Baccarat, it is also much more balanced. You can choose any Bac Bo bet and be confident that you are not making a mistake, including Tie. The game’s goal was to be fast, exciting, and user-friendly. It ticks all of those boxes while also providing a fun new experience for baccarat fans. In any case, we strongly advise you to try Bac Bo. It’s unlikely to be the next big thing in i-gaming, but it’s still a worthwhile innovation.

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