Everything You Need To Know About Arbitrage Betting

Almost every sport in the world has betting options to make real money. Some of these bettings are luck-based, while others are intense skill-based. While we cannot predict our luck, we sure can use the skilful strategies to our needs. But, then too, it is not guaranteed that you would win. But what if I tell you there was a way that you can indeed attain profits with strategies.

If you feel confused, read along because, in this article, we will discuss one such process called arbitrage betting that will guarantee you the profits you deserve.

What is Arbitrage Betting?

For a beginner, arbitrage betting, also known as ‘arb,’is a betting strategy where a bettor bets on all the outcomes of a particular sport via different bookmakers. The bettor makes at least one bet for each outcome in a way that no matter the result, he still ends up in a profit.

Pros and Cons of Arb Betting:

Since arbitrage betting is a low-risk betting strategy, it has many pros. But with anything that has pros, cons accompany them too.

Let’s look at some of its pros:

Guaranteed Profits:

As said before, one significant benefit of arb betting is earning profits no matter the outcome. But you have to be very careful about how you bet. Though arb betting can be overwhelming for a beginner, you will quickly get the hang of it once you understand the basics. Also, if you bet frequently but find it hard to win, arbitrage betting is the one for you.

Plenty Enough Arbing Opportunites:

With arb giving you the possibility of earning so quickly, you might wonder that such arb bettings are very rare. But don’t worry, arb bettings are pretty standard and available for almost every sport. Even though most bookmakers are against arb bettors, there will always be some that would provide frequently advertised arb bettings, and finding such bookmakers would allow you to mint some cash very quickly.

Now that we have some pros, let us look into some significant cons now:

Very Low-Profit Margin:

One major con is the meagre profits you get. Since arbs give you a 100% probability of winning, the average profit margin is close to 1%. Meaning if you invest $1000 in arbitrage betting, your profit margin would be just $10, and hence your total payout will be $1010. It could take you ages to earn a healthy amount of profit. Even a 5% profit is very rare in such bettings.

Possible Account Ban:

In short, casinos hate arb bettors. Of course, depends on the bookmaker and casino sites. If they find out you are arb betting, most sites would permanently ban your account. Hence before choosing a site or bookmaker for arb betting, make sure you read their instruction correctly. Sometimes, when you are on a continuous winning streak or if your account has vast amounts of transactions, they suspect your account of being a bot and so ban it immediately.

Requires Huge Investment:

Since you get low profits, vast investment helps win a decent amount. Unlike the example mentioned above with $1000, if you invest like $100000, then with a 1% profit margin, you can earn $1000, which is a pretty good amount compared to just $10. Hence, the more the investment, the merrier.

Needs You To Do Your Research:

Even though there are numerous arb betting providers, not all advertise it officially. The percentage of those who promote it is negligible compared to the bookmakers who offer arb betting. Due to this, you have to take time and do your research if you want more arb opportunities.

Best Bookmakers for Arbitrage betting:

When it comes to arb bettings, given all the pros and cons, it is crucial to look into legit, friendly bookmakers. Some of the best arb betting-friendly bookmakers are Crickex, Jeetwin, Parimatch, and many more. All the mentioned bookies are arb friendly, so the chance of getting your account banned is pretty low.


Arbitrage betting is an excellent option if you either have massive amounts to invest or take time to earn those small amounts. As we already know, it is not a desirable way to get rich quickly. If quick rich is your plan, look somewhere else.

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