Each Way Betting Explained – What it Means

If horse racings football leagues are your favorite games, then it’s obvious that you came across the Each Way Bets. At the same time, the name might sound confusing to new punters, but it is easy.

The betting method comes through bookmakers who have different bets in two categories, the Win and Place as the name defines win as the winning bet. In this one, if the horse finalises in the top three places, then it gets to win. The second is places bet, and it pays for each side of the bet. So, there will be no need for both of the best to win and get the returns.

If you bet with the£5, the £5 amount will be covered for the horse to win. The remaining amount will cover the total stake. The amount of total stake will be £10.  The winning depends on the horse will finish the race first.

Descriptive details of Each Way Betting:

As the bet is included, the two ways Win and Place bet. They have the same amount, and the first selection to win and the second needs on to the same selection to place. The Win implies that the horse who finishes the race is first. 

When it comes to racing games or football games, betting is the best method. It’s also provided in sports betting games like the English FA Cup or Premium League. The winnings for the better bet are calculated with the help of applying the fraction to the original odds amount. 

How to make an Each Way Bet?

EW is the short form of Each Way, and it’s the straightforward technique of betting. If you do it at the highest-paid sports betting sites, you will win the good stakes. Like placing a bet on Betfair, Bet365, Betfred is relatively simple. 

Click on the odds of the horse to win. The selection will be added on the slip of bet.

Below the odd, you will get the WB box, then click on that one.

Now you have to enter your wager at the end, which will be it.   

Here, you have to check that you will get twice the amount of each bet. Like, back a horse at £10, and you will also place hot at a similar amount. It will get done quickly, so you don’t need to worry here. 

Simultaneously, the system will also calculate the winning of your bets, so you will get to know what exactly you might get in return. 

How to place an Each Way Bet?

Understand the following example:

Placing each way bet is identical to placing a standard bet. You have to go to the sportsbook and make the selection you would like to back. 

Tick on the mark E/W before placing the bet to turn it into each way. 

Remember when placing an each-way bet that your stake is doubled, as you have to cover your win bet and place a bet.

So, when you enter for the£2.50 as your stake, the total bet will cost you £5.  

How to calculate the bet?

When placing bets, make sure that you consider the Win and place odds for your collections. If the odds are not even, you will lose money entirely. Therefore, many bettors calculate the returns of the EW bets before placing the bets. It helps them to understand the profitability to wager on.

The best part is that all the real money bookies get done through the system, and there is no need for a significant calculator. Whether you are betting on football or any other racing game, the system will calculate the returns when you enter your stake.

Most of the systems provide a unique accumulator, and it is excellent for betters who are inventing massive amounts to get double the amount of it.   

What are the advantages of Each Way Betting?

The betting type has the high popularity of the bettors, and it has the highest chances of winning. 

There are no firm favourites available for most of the matches, and, on each selection, you will get a price tag. So, it’s complex to predict who will win in these cases. But the long odds results are favourable even after the fraction has been applied. 


Now you have detailed information about the EW bet, and you also understand how it works. This is the best bet to get double the amount if you win the game. Also, it is applicable for various popular games so you can go with horse riding, football leagues and many more games. 

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