Crazy Time Results, Stats and Strategy

“Crazy Time” is a live casino game. It is created by Evolution gaming. Large vertical wheel is used to play the game. The wheel divides into 54 segments. Each segment has its own payout value and players can bet on one or more segments. The payout range from 1:1 to 500x.

Four extra games are also included in the game: Crazy Time, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Coin Flip. When you land on the right part of the wheel, you can access the bonus games, which have even bigger prizes.

RTP is an essential part of every casino game strategy. RTP is the part of the bet that you should, on average, win back after each round. The RTP rate is also our predicted value because Crazy Time is a game of chance.

The ratio between payout and the chance of winning determines the RTP in Crazy Time. For every casino game available, this is true. The Crazy Time strategy, yet, makes use of the difference between different bets’ RTPs. In real life, the majority of Money Wheel gaming strategies depend on the variance in RTP.

The total return to player (RTP) for “Crazy Time” is approximately 96.08%. Which equals to an average long-term return to player (RTP) of $96.08 for every $100 bet.

Depending on the particular casino or game version. The chances of each bet winning and the related prizes can change. It’s crucial to review the game’s terms and conditions before playing.

“Crazy Time” is a game of chance like all casino games, and a random number generator determines the result. There isn’t a sure strategy or approach that can help players win.

Crazy Time Statistics Table

BetWheel SegmentOdds of winningPayoutRTP
1211 in 61:0196.08%
2132 in 62:0195.95%
571 in 65:0195.78%
1041 in 610:0195.73%
Pachinko2VariableUp to $50000094.33%
Cash Hunt2VariableUp to $50000095.27%
Coin Flip41 in 2Up to $50000095.70%
Crazy Time1VariableUp to $50000094.41%

The chance of winning each bet in Crazy Time is shown in the table. Also, the payments and resulting RTP are noted. Before spending your hard-earned money, make sure you are fully aware of what you are getting into by using these Crazy Time statistics.

Do Statistics Matter in Crazy Time Strategy?

No and yes. It is clear that some bets in this game are more beneficial than others. Playing only the best bets at all times would be a simple plan for Crazy Time. So, place bets having the highest RTP. The Coin Flip bonus would be extra to the four major bets.

Crazy Time players have no real control over how the game will turn out. Anyone who claims is mistaken; the game depends on luck. Bets with greater RTP, yet, have a larger chance of paying off for you in the long run.

You could be thinking right now that a 1% RTP variation is not that important. In general, you would be accurate. Look it this way, though: there may not be a difference in total returns. These are several house edges instead.

Let’s keep it simple and consider it in this manner. If you accept the RTPs at face value, 96% and 98%, they could appear to be pretty similar. The house edge on the first bet, yet, is twice as high as on the second. This means that if you gambled on 96% RTP rather than 98% RTP, you would in the end lose twice as much money.

The finest bet in Crazy Time follow the same idea. Although the difference appears slight, over time it may have a big impact. Also keep in mind that using Crazy Time casino bonuses can help you swing events in your favor.

Why crazy Time Stats are useful.

The main reason is to manage the risk. If you know the odds of each bet. The players can make decision on how much they are willing to risk. It will help them to maintain their funds.

Moreover, all casino games have varying odds and payouts. Players can compare “Crazy Time” to another games. They can pick the one that gives them the highest return on their investment. They can do so by using the statistics.

The last but not the least reason is to develop the strategy. Although there is no sure strategy or technique that will enable players to win in “Crazy Time”. A player’s grasp of the statistics will enable them to take a more well-informed approach to the game. For example, players can opt to focus on bet with better odds and bonuses. Or their betting strategy in light of the results of earlier spins.

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