Crack the Code: Crapless Craps Rules Demystified

When discussing the oldest possible casino games, Craps is definitely one of the most primitive games that crosses the mind of gamblers. It has been a hit popular in almost all bookmakers shows for over a century now. A gambling game persisting over such a long time clearly depicts how popular it is among players and that it is time tested. However, with the evolution of the gambling industry, the casinos have introduced a fresh take on the game changing a few of its ideas and mostly the lucrativeness of the game play.

The newly modified craps game has increased the edge of the game. Out of the multiple variations of craps, the crapless craps is one of the best working and most popular among daily players. One of the most prevalent dilemmas among the players is that, Is Crapless Crap worth it or is it just another marketing gimmick by the casinos to draw more players.

Crapless Crap Rules

Before analyzing whether playing crapless crap is worth enough or not, let us first understand the rules of Crapless Craps.

The bet that a player makes on the roll come out is called Pass Line. This roll is typically the first roll of a new round. The wager win in this situation occurs only when there is either a 1  or a 7 toss on a come out. The losses are incurred when either a 12, 2 or 3 is rolled out.

Another crucial rule to consider is that, the rolling of point must be before 7, only then the pass line can be used for a win. However, in Crapless Craps – 2,3,12 are all considered points and there is almost zero chance of losing on the roll out.

The only way to win the come out roll is through tossing out a 7. 11 is a point number in crapless crap. The normal line rules are applicable only when a player can pass the come out. That clearly indicates that rolling a point number prior to 7 is the only clear way to win.

Passing lines and come bets are not available in the game of Crapless Craps. So, the players practically do not have any viable pass line alternatives.

Is Crapless Crap Worth Playing?

The rules are quite distinct and for the novice players, it may seem damn difficult. Then is it worth playing Crapless Crap?

Well, the answer to this would be, crapless craps is applicable only for such players, who want to try out something new in the game. It is one of the most played and extremely interesting versions of craps. If you are truly already bored with the regular game of craps, this one can be one of the most interesting alternatives to the game.

It is also ideal for the players who have truly bad luck on the come out rolls. It could clearly happen that the player has fairly bad luck on the points of 2,3 and 12. While in craps, these could be bad luck, in a crapless crap these would not cause any issues. The number 7 could also give you several chances to win on the rolling od come outs. The number 7 has better odds in the game than mostly any other number. Formation of 7 is possible through 6 combinations out of possible 36 combinations. The Crap rules are not that strict but can be quite complex to understand.

Crapless Craps Strategy

In terms of strategy, crapless craps are not the same as Craps. In crapless craps the 5.38% house edge is essential for any pass line bet. Don’t come bets and don’t pass the line does not exist in this game of crapless craps. The best strategy is probably to go for either a Place 8 or Place 6 wager. 6 and 8 both have a house edge of 1.52%. This combination is one of the highest yielding combinations of this game.

The true odds for crapless craps is 6:5 whereas the winning payout is 7:6. When a player proceeds with Place 6, the rolling of 6 before 7 is a must. Some online casinos allow players to place bets only on 2,3,11 or 12. Some of the online casinos also allow the players to place free odds behind the points of 2,3 and 12. Odds do not have a house edge. The prevalent Crap rules norms are paying true odds of winning.

If you are tired of the regular casino games like Poker and Baccarat, Crapless craps is an ideal go to option.

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