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We are a flourishing team of online gambling or betting or wagering admirers. At Jeetwinindia, We are always looking forward to lending a helping hand in answering all your queries in detail and in real-time. We also review betting operators and try to inform players about the betting and gambling scenario in India. Hopefully, we will be able to solve your problems and leave you satisfied with our services.


The users can send in their queries or complaints regarding our services or any terms of use at our aforementioned email address. Within a particular time, all the emails shall be answered. Nonetheless, it is in our policies for the mails to screen through certain guidelines. Spam mails shall not get recorded. This system has been generated so that our employees can deal with genuine complaints better and not be hoarded with fraud or spam mails. The user is expected to write down a proper ‘subject’ and frame a ‘body’ with their problems so that employees dealing with complaints can respond swiftly. This shall also forbid the mail containing complaints to not move on to the spam mail folder.

The user must remember that we take all grievances seriously. We shall ensure that the issues are addressed as fast as possible. However, we firmly recommend the user to check our ‘Terms and Conditions’, ‘About Us’, and ‘Privacy Policies’ before he/she makes a complaint to us. Many details about these documents shall be included in our platform. 

The user does not need to supply our complaint receivers with his/her personal information in his/her grievances, or his/her bank details. We guarantee that all the information the user sends is kept confidential and only exchanged with our support staff. The user does not need to think about all of the personal information being leaked online.

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If any user is looking forward to advertising their products or services through our website. Then he/she can go through the list of guidelines provided in our website. The user must comply with these guidelines to get considered for a review. Any or all requests for advertising on our website shall be hereby marked as spam or fraud if the guidelines are not followed. The user must have the knowledge that our site offers practical reviews. If the user is looking for a review from our website. The entity must provide all the exact details and can request amendments after the review is published.

The process of reviewing can take more than six months, depending on the size of the component or website provided by the user. We also encourage articles on our website. However, the articles that are published are subjected to extreme scrutiny and fact-checking so that we do not compromise on our website’s quality. Comparatively, the process of reviewing an article to be published is not too extensive. Our employees shall get back to the user if we accept the submitted article.

Our website can also be contacted for marketing. The user wanting to promote his or her product or service can contact us with any media enquiries, any ideas for collaboration, or any commercial queries to our marketing team.

We also have an editorial team with open arms welcome freelancers to publish their news articles, game guides, features and add ons to attract more traffic and provide inspiration to our readers.

Did you just win a game? Want to spread happiness? The users can also share with us their victory if they hit the jackpot. It can also be featured on our website!

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