Can You Count Cards In Live Online Dealer Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of cards. It is being played casino. Mathematics genius Edward Thorp invented this game. It’s most likely as gambling or poker.

In online Blackjack, it isn’t easy to count cards live. As the player will use various strategies of counting cards, at the same time, the dealer also can stop the player from counting the cards.

Possibility of counting cards live in blackjack:

In some factors, counting cards with Online blackjack is quite hard because there has a defensive mechanism in their game.

This game is being played by multiple decks of the cards, continuous shuffling after every round. There has an automatic shuffle machine, a burning strategy that will burn the card, which has a possibility of card counting; these are the extraordinary strategy used by the dealer.

They have some other strategies that can help the dealer identify who is trying to count cards or cheat. And the dealer stops the player from counting cards then and there.

If the player is very smart and has a long practice in this game, then there is a slight chance of winning, but the player can't win by applying for counting cards. The player can win by applying another strategy.

In Blackjack, why does the dealer win?

Being having a low-quality edge, the dealer wins the most. The advantage of all casino games is quite very low. Still, they win. Because –

Not using the basics of the blackjack strategy properly.
Sometimes the player is not able to use the basic strategy. And they don’t care about this basic strategy; in that time, the edge of the dealer’s house increases, and they win.

Using betting system
This is one of the reasons why a player loses in this game. In blackjack, they apply some specific betting system. Betting has positive and negative sides.
In the end, because the betting system is not being applied well or sometimes for bad luck, the edge of the dealer’s house increases, and the player loses.
So in the game where the dealer always wins, avoid this betting system if you don’t want to lose money.

Not in the good condition
This is one reason why the player loses because of drinking too much to play tactically or having a long journey. In this situation, the casino will take all of the player’s money.
To play Blackjack tactically to win, the player must have a well-rested and relaxed brain that can function adequately in the time of the game and also need a precise hand to take the smartest judgment in the game.

Using side bet strategy
Sometimes this strategy might be working in blackjack. It looks beneficial, but in the end, the house edge increases, and the player will lose.

Using CSM system by the dealer
Dealers are continuously shuffling the cards with their CSM machine and will prevent the player from counting cards. So it is pretty difficult for the player to apply the counting card method.

Having more than 200 hands for playing
During the game, the dealer uses 200 hands per hour. The more hands will you use to play, the more chances of getting to win increase. Blackjack dealers use this trick, and their edge of the house is increased.

Strategies that will work with dealers online in blackjack:

Besides counting cards, some other strategies are there through which you may be can beat the dealer In Blackjack. 

● A first and simple strategy you can apply is when you see a minimum bet of 5% or less than that, then continue the game because then you can play them for a long time.

● If you have a clear strategy on your mind while playing the game, then you can smartly play with one hand even when the dealer uses multiple hands. And you can detect the card strategically even after being away from the dealer.

● While playing blackjack and not using the counting card trick, remember the basic blackjack strategy because those charts can give you a clear idea of using the specific hands.

● Try not to use an insurance strategy because it is sometimes profitable when the player knows very well counting cards. But when the dealer uses multiple decks to play, the player can’t count cards. So during the blackjack live with the dealer, try to avoid the insurance strategy.


If the player has long practice in this game and knows the strategy of the game very well, has a clear strategic mind, and also knows the use of hands tactically, then in online live blackjack, winning is possible.

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