Can Live Online Blackjack Be Beaten by Counting Cards?

Let us start with the revelation that you cannot effectively count cards in any online blackjack game without enough expertise. People who promise you otherwise could be potential scammers. Counting cards in live online blackjack is quite difficult to perform and the dealers could stop any player at any moment for doing so, messing up the whole game and subsequently screwing the progress.

Blackjack players are well acquainted with the strategy of counting cards because it is one of the most well-known ways for odds improvisation in the game. If you ever want to dig deep into the history of card counting, you should probably get some details about Edward Thorp. Counting cards actually refers to keeping a continuous track of the current dealt cards and also the cards in the deck. It is a popular policy to follow because the player can decide on which card to bet.

Card Counting in Live Online Blackjack – Explained

Yes, it is popular to count cards in live games of online blackjack. But it ain’t that easy. There are several restraints on it and many factors make it increasingly difficult. The dealers like to defend the game against any actions of card counting by the players. The primary restraint is: Blackjack is a game that involves multiple card decks and repeated reshuffling and a deck penetration of around less than 50%. The secondary restraints are “card burning” and “auto reshuffle”.

Even if a player ends up with card counting, the dealers employ well-approved ways to identify the players who are doing so. In recent times of tech improvement, dealers can use software monitoring to keep count. Also, any player who is exhibiting very high levels of winning streaks will be reported. There can be no official banishment on the player but the casino holds the right to warn him and get his betting patterns changed.

Live Online Blackjack Counting Strategy

In spite of card counting being very difficult in Live Online Blackjack games, the pro players with their years of practice have figured out several strategies to beat the casino edge and indulge in card counting. The first and probably the most effective of these strategies is not to play at a table where the minimum bet exceeds the player’s bankroll by 5%. Another effective strategy is to sit as far as possible from the dealer and play one hand at a single go. Playing one hand ensures that you can religiously stick to the strategy that you are following to win the game.

However, the most common card-counting strategy in the game remains the Hi-Lo System. In this strategy, scores are assigned to each deck number. The scores are -1, 0 and +1. The player adds the number to get a clear reflection of which type of bet they should place. The effective way is to place higher bets if the count is high and vice versa. This is not quite feasible to follow during the game’s initial stages and becomes more apparent as the game proceeds.

Is Card Counting Really Feasible in the Live Online Blackjack?

It is vital to understand that there will be instances where card counting becomes totally impossible. During such times, the best way out of the deadlock is to use some optimal blackjack strategies from the official charts. Well, you won’t have physical access to it all the time, so you need to memorize the ones that you think are the most effective. Another pro tip for blackjack players is to stay away from opting for insurance.

If you are a pro at counting cards, insurance may be a good thing to opt for but if you are playing with multiple decks, card cunting becomes close to impossible and in such a case opting for insurance can screw the game. And the last strategy to follow is to prevent the house edge from increasing by choosing any table with a pay ratio of 3:2.

Final Thoughts

The internet is filled with people who would scream aloud that you can actually win the live online blackjack game with card counting, but they won’t reveal to you how difficult it is to count cards in the game. It is not illegal to count cards, so don’t be fooled by any dealer who says that. Counting cards to varying degrees is invisibly permissible in casinos. All you have to do is know the right strategy to get going and not get caught. In fact, all pro blackjack players count cards.

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