Blackjack Switch Strategy – Rules, and how to play

While playing Blackjack with two hands, if it has ever come to your mind that you want to swap the respective cards between the hands, Blackjack Switch is the perfect game for you. Blackjack switch is the version of Blackjack where players have this incredible opportunity of switching between cards among two hands simultaneously. In this version of the game, the player places bets mostly identical on two hands and then they can switch the seconds dealt cards between each hand as per choice.

How to Play the Game of Blackjack Switch?

Here is how to play the game of Blackjack Switch

  • The player will place two identical bets. In addition to this wager they can also make some side bets. The aim of the game is usually Blackjack that is to get as close as 21 as possible. The dealer deals one hand for their own selves while the player receives two hands each consisting of two cards.
  • The players are dealt with two cards and surprisingly each of the two player cards should be visible.
  • Now it is time for the player’s discretion to decide whether they want to switch the second dealt cards at their hand. They can even decide to either hit, double, stand or split the card.  Let us now understand about each of these moves and when is it the best time to apply each of them:
  • Switch : Switch the two cards at hand so you can create any two new hands according to your desire.
  • Hit: Take up a new card other than the one dealt to you by the dealer

Stand: Take up no extra cards and stick to the ones already dealt to you by the dealer

Double or Splitting the hands are exactly the same as they work in Blackjack usual version.

  • When you have played either of these moves, it is time to finish up your hand. Click on the stand button and check whether the moves you have played will get you close to winning or not.
  • Now the dealer will play their hand and settle the bet. They will first turn their facedown card over to play their hand and this is nothing new being a standard ever after Blackjack rule. Now the dealer will compare each of their hands with each card of the player in turns. Sometimes the players play a soft 17 and can push the player’s hard 22 card. That is how it works.

Special Blackjack Switch Rules

Blackjack Switch rules are quite an exception to the traditional Blackjack games and some rule tweaks make it difficult to grasp at times. Here are some of the special or deviated rules of the game:

  • The most common move of the dealer most of the times is hitting a soft 17
  • Dealers usually peek for Blackjack – when they are disclosing a 10 or an Ace
  • While the usual payout of the Blackjack game is 3:2, the payout for the Blackjack Switch game is 1:1.
  • The insurance in the game of Blackjack switch has a payout of 2:1.
  • Players in the game of Blackjack Switch can double down the cards after splitting them
  • In Blackjack switch a dealer hand of 22 extends a push against a player hand of 21. However it will still be a Blackjack beat.
  • The Blackjack switch move will always be counted as 21

The primary advantage of Blackjack switch over Blackjack is that Blackjack switch gives a better opportunity to the players to win by increasing the odds of winning.

Blackjack Switch also comes with a reference chart. If you are a novice who yet has no idea about Blackjack or you are planning hard on making the game stand better, try using the reference chart. Since there are certain changed or altered rules in the game, it is important that you essentially refer to the chart.

Final Words

Blackjack Switch is quite rare a game in the offline land based physical casinos. So, in case you want to play this game, the best online casinos are your perfect go to place. With some slight changes to the basic rules of Blackjack, this game is such an amazing one to test your skills even better. The enticing game has become the favorite of many players and the potential payouts are too lucrative. If you have the capacity of getting a bit more strategic with your game, you can win huge in the game. Moreover, Blackjack Switch also incorporates multiple factors of the poker games like Pai Glow.

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