Hockey Betting Strategies- What should you look out for?

If you’re a hockey fan, you can turn your passion into a profession in the world of online betting and earn a huge sum of money. But, you cannot become a millionaire overnight without implementing the proper hockey betting strategies. By following the important tips you can avoid the common errors and make bigger profits.

Generally, Hockey is an outdoor game played between two teams consisting of 11 players on each side. Field Hockey is the original version of the sport that is played on natural grass. It is considered the national sport in India having a long history. Contrarily, Ice Hockey is popular in the USA and Canada.

Similar to a cricket bat and ball, hockey involves a stick and a hard ball. The main objective of a player is to strike the ball into the goal using a hockey stick. 

Compared to other sports, hockey betting strategies are less complex and include two-way and three-way odds.

Most hockey betting websites prefer three-way odds with the possibility of including the 3rd option as a “tie”, thereby adding an extra outcome to the two-way lines.

Before delving deeper into the best hockey betting strategies, it is important to understand the different and popular types of bets placed in field hockey.

Popular Types of Bets to Understand Field Hockey Betting Strategies

There are different types of bets you need to know in field hockey betting strategies. Out of these, the most popular bets are listed below

1. Moneyline Betting:

Similar to the other forms of hockey, Moneyline Betting allows you to place bets either on the team’s victory or draw results (P1, X, P2). This is one of the most popular types of bets that mainly depends upon the outcome of the match.

2. Betting with a Point Spread:

By using the point spread, you can receive higher odds as a bettor by accurately implementing the field hockey betting strategies. A team might gain a superior advantage over another.

In such circumstances, you can place a bet with a handicap on either of the teams.

A bet with a handicap involves adding or removing points from a team’s starting total.

3. Over and Under bets: 

The concept of over and under bets allows you to make predictions on the final score that could be higher or lower. The bookmaker offers a total number of goals in a particular game in which you’re betting that includes:

  • Total score: It specifies the total number of goals scored by both sides in a whole match.
  • Team total: It includes the entire goals scored by a single team in a match.
  • Combined goals in each half: It could either be both teams or just one squad.

Usually, the bookmaker selects a decimal number like 4.5 to make the concepts of hockey betting strategies straightforward.

4. Teams to win bets:

You can place only limited bets in a particular contest by expecting huge payouts. As the name indicates, you need to simply predict any one out of two teams that wins the match.

The bookmakers offer a “double chance option”. In simpler terms, it means that you will witness a significant return as long as you don’t choose the losing side.

Particularly, the bet succeeds by providing huge profits only if the teams have lower chances of winning the match, and gain a successful outcome. It means that the odds will be considerably lower for the team that easily wins the match.

5. Handicap Betting:

The Handicap betting option became effective when the bookmakers realized that the bettors wouldn’t place bets without having any significant returns.

Rather than just predicting the win or loss of a game, you should guess that if a team can win by a huge margin or not.

The quality and form of the team will impact the degree of handicap, which is typically set around “-3”. It means that the teams you bet on need to score at least four more goals than other teams. 

6: Future Bets:

You can place future bets on the long term of the tournament like the Hockey World Cup. The betting platform provides a list of all competing teams as well as the odds for each side.

Finally, you will earn a mammoth payout if your team wins the tournament. 

Best Hockey Betting Strategies To Follow

By learning the different types of bets in hockey mentioned above, you will feel confident to participate in online betting and play responsibly.

Here are the top hockey betting strategies you need to implement to enhance your online betting journey and gain huge rewards:

1. Powerplays:

Most often Teams deliver their destructive performance easily during powerplays. You need to compare the statistics of both teams that perform exceptionally well in powerplays.

Though your calculation doesn’t change the outcome of a match, it will guide you in the hockey betting strategies.

2. Penalties:

Sometimes, the calm teams can make a few fouls that might result in certain penalties. These uncalled fouls can fetch more points for the calmer team, which can influence the overall outcome of a game.

3. Defensive wins:

Most often teams playing with a defensive approach have a higher chance of winning the game rather than the aggressive side.

You should bet on teams that play with a defensive approach in crucial games. It is because teams that play with offensive implements less defensive techniques. As a result, they conclude with a loss result by playing overconfidently.

It is one of the most important hockey betting strategies you should implement as teams playing defensively have lesser chances of losing.

4. Team Lineups:

As teams operate in pre-planned lineups, you need to scrutinize the latest records and stats of every individual player.

Rather than comparing the teams, you can analyze the team lineups that portray a different picture.

Moreover, it is a smarter way of hockey betting strategies you should prefer to avoid the risks of losing your money.

5. Goalkeeper:

The goalies or goalkeepers are the only players in the team having a higher chance of getting injured.

A talented goalie can help you win by cutting off greater attacks and amplifying your bets which is vice versa in the case of the bad ones.

6. Line shopping:

While making bets, the concept of line shopping involves the contest of Risk vs Value. If you place bets on any player or team, it is mandatory to analyze if the risk is calculated or random.

In other words, it means that you should be aware of the value of the bet if you take a risk on any player.

 7. Roster Depth:

At times, the Roster Depth in hockey betting strategies indicates the raw nature of the game. You need to consider your bet by analyzing how the team survives the violence of the game by having an in-depth squad

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