Bank Wire Transfer for Indian Online Casinos

Bank Wire Transfer Online Casinos

If you are looking for an efficient, highly secured, and a trusted traditional method to deposit or withdraw your casinos’ funds, then why not consider Bank wire transfer? Indian online casinos have evolved much in gambling and payments than ever before; and so you need to be too, to keep pace within this evolving world. 

Bank wire transfer is an old method for fund movement. However, the provided facilities and services have led its roots firm still in the era. There are many casinos that permit this mode of payment but do not forget they are the most reliable ones. Here is a list of the best Bank wire online casino that you must visit at least once if you love effortless gambling and cashless games.

Intro to Bank Wire Online Casinos

If you are wondering about bank wire online casinos as a new e-wallet app, then you are a little wrong in your thinking! Yes, it is an electronic fund transfer method used by people and banks, but it is different from an e-wallet. It is like an intermediate transaction service between banks and casinos that uses wire for transfers like SWIFT.

It is a little bit more expensive and time-consuming as compared to other fund transfer methods, but it is highly secured and efficient. That’s why it is appealed to by many big organizations. Through bank wire online casinos a player can send money from its bank account to the casino and vice-versa.

Most of the passionate players and sportspersons at online casinos use wire transfer as a common real money transfer method. The procedure is quite simple, but many players who are a newbie to bank wire online casinos might discover it complicated. So, here are some simplified steps to sort out every complication you may find while using bank wire online casinos.

How to Set up an Account for Bank Wire Transfer at Online Casinos?

After going through the basic understanding of bank wire casinos, if you are looking forward to making your way through it, then why wait! For deposit and withdraw at online casinos, at first, you need an account for bank wire casinos. It is as simple as any other modern digital payment mode. Here are the simple and easy steps for setting up an account for casino online Bank wire transfers.

  • Similar to other fund transfer methods, at first, you need a trusted bank account. Every Indian bank provides bank transfer services. So, set up a bank account.
  • Open your favourite casino website and visit the cashier section.
  • Among a list of options, opt for the bank transfer and click.
  • Now fill in the necessary information like a bank account, SWIFT/BIC/IBAN code, and basic details for ID verification.
  • As soon as the verification is completed, just fund the casino and enjoy the never-ending pleasure.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos Using Bank Wire?

Now, after setting up an account at bank wire casinos, let’s quickly learn bank wire casinos deposit procedures. Before that, you must be well-aware of the bank wire transfer limit. Bank wire transfers are mostly useful for people dealing with a large sum of money. Well, it varies with banks, and different banks set different upper limits for wire transfer.

The bank wire transfer fees are variable, Max amount that you can withdraw is generally around Rs. 50,00,000. Steps for bank wire casinos deposit:

  • First, sign up to your favourite betting online casino for initiating the procedure.
  • Fill in all the important bank details asked for like address, bank account, PAN, and others.
  • After that, enter the amount of money you want to deposit.
  • Wait for a few hours for the fund to deposit then, enjoy the game.

What Makes Bank Wire Transfer the Best Banking Method for Online Casinos?

There are several benefits of using Casino online bank wire for transaction services. There are many banking methods these days available in online casinos for hassle-free payment, then why to choose an old method in this modern era? Well, here are some exceptionally satisfying reasons which would compel you to believe in the saying ‘old is gold’. Let’s list all of them out.

  • Transfer large sum of money

Many players and sportspeople play at online casinos as their particular profession. Thus, they deal with big numbers every day and look for transaction services that can transfer a huge amount of money at first glance only. That’s where bank wire is most useful as it can transfer a huge amount of money very easily.

  • Incentives and bonuses at casinos

Playing at trusted online casinos opting for bank wire transfers as a fund transfer method, reward you some great incentives and bonuses. Thus, not only winnings but also transactions with bank wire can give you great money.

  • Most Safe and Secure

While dealing with money, especially a big amount, the most important feature a customer looks for is safety. The bank details and information are highly confidential. Among all the fund transfer services, wire transfer is the most secure, safe, reliable, and trusted one.

Pros & Cons of Bank Wire Online Casinos

Bank wire transfer is one of the most common fund transfer services used by online casinos and passionate players. As we have learned a complete overview of wire transfer very easily, the method of setting up bank wire online casinos account, deposit and bank wire casinos withdraw; this is the time to judge it with a balanced mind. Let’s examine all the basic advantages and disadvantages attached to this traditional service.


  • The service is completely safe as it does not involve any third party or middle man while making a transaction between a bank and a casino.
  • The fund transfer is entirely trustworthy as it uses your bank details and ID for proceedings, which can only be filled by you due to high confidentiality.
  • It is a very common bank transfer service and could be found in a plethora of online casinos; this could be easily found at every online casino.
  • The money transfer is entirely traceable as you can check every deposit and withdrawal associated with your linked bank account.
  • Unlike other fund transfer services, it does not limit you to using a big amount of money. A huge amount could be transferred without any trouble.
  • It is available for international transfers too.


  • The deposit and withdrawal of a bank wire transfer is highly time-consuming as compared to instant e-wallets. This depends upon the bank and recipient and may take as long as ten days.
  • Some online casinos may charge additional fees on withdrawal via bank wire transfer.
  • As the payment service doesn’t compromise even a little with security and confidentiality, so the procedure is a little expensive too. This is because it involves a complete system of checking payments legality.


While bank wire is one of the trusted methods, it is quite slow and so, many punters do not really go for it. However, if you do not mind delayed reflection in your bank account, then this can be a great way to go for.