Esports Betting Guide – All types of eSports Bets

Since its debut in the 1980s, esports get an increasing number of players and spectators. The first official esports tournament was held in Los Angeles. In this tournament, 10,000 gamers compete in Atari’s Space invaders championship. Currently, millions of players all over the globe watch esports games. Modern technology allows you to not only watch the esports game from anywhere but also place bets. Esports Betting is relatively new in the world of entertainment. In recent years, esports gambling has grown significantly.

The esports industry itself is exploding in terms of popularity. Arenas all over the world are selling out. So, people can watch their favorite players and teams compete against each other. Anyone who ever makes esports bets knows there is more than one way to bet on your favorite esports game. You can place a simple outright bet on which Dota 2 team will win the International Trophy.

Even you can bet on the correct score of a CSGO game in the Intel Extreme Masters. There are certainly lots of different types of esports bets. So, here is an easy guide to all the types of esports bets. You can easily find these esports bet types at the best Esports Betting sites.

Over/Under Bets:

Most series in esports are best-of-three series. However, there are some examples when best-of-two and best-of-five matches are prevalent. Esports Betting sites allow you to place bets on whether an esports series will go over or under a particular number. Thus in the case of a Bo3 series, you can place bets on the series going over 2.5 maps for a certain amount of payout. Localizing this bet is the number of rounds in an FPS game. Unique bets like the total number of rounds in a VAORANT game to stay under 20 can give you excellent returns.

Particular Metrics or Prop Bets:

They are difficult to put a title on but very easy to explain. In certain esports games, there are binary events. They can either happen or won’t, but it is not guaranteed. It can be anything, such as a map going overtime. However, they tend to be particular to the game you are looking at. These types of bets are called “prop Bets” because it is a proposition. You are placing bets on a certain occurrence or non-occurrence happening. Therefore, you are proposing something happens in prop bets. 

Money Line Betting:

It is the most straightforward type of esports bet. It defines the bet that you place on the winning team. All the odds you figure out in the odds comparison tables cover these bets. Of course, the money line bets are all about predicting who will the match. If you have ever bet online before, you have already placed some straight-up bets before.

Furthermore, money line bets are also the major way you will see odds for a match. For example, you would just bet on Jeetwin to win. The odds show how much money you would receive if you were right.

Correct Score:

It is a bet that is not completely native to esports. It is just a bet to predict the correct score. You need to predict the correct score of the esports game. If you are right, you can earn some decent profits—however, several other types of bets are native to individual games and certain tournaments. Now Esports Betting has exploded in the past few years. 

Match Winner:

It is one of the simplest kinds of Esports Betting. It is widely used for a variety of esports games. You can place a bet on predicting who will win the World of Tanks match. In addition to this, you can also make a last-minute bet on the final round of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. These bets are a good way to get started with esports bets. Match-winner bets are the most common types of bets that you will find on the Live Esports tab in the series. 

First Map:

Many bookies allow you to bet on the winner of individual maps in esports games. You can use your adequate knowledge of a map pool of the team. It will help you in these types of bets. In MOBAs, it boils down to the draft. However, in most cases, the bets close any time that draft begins. It comes down to analyzing team play styles and the approach to the game.


There is a long list of different types of Esports Betting. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to use them all. It will help if you wait until the right kinds of odds come up. Once you get the right odds, you can use most of these bets to good effect.

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