Adventures Beyond Wonderland Game Review

Today, we’ll go over Adventures Beyond Wonderland strategies to find the best ones for you. Should you place your bets on all bonuses or just the segments? For more information, please read our complete no-nonsense guide.

So, what is Adventures Beyond Wonderland? 

When you combine a Playtech lucky wheel with Alice in Wonderland, you get. You will receive Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live! It is a game that is jam-packed with entertaining special features. They can pay up to $500,000 in a single round if you are willing to take a chance on them! The bonuses are visually stunning, seamlessly blending real-world and 3D elements.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is one of Playtech’s most popular live games released during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As a result, despite being relatively new, it is quickly becoming extremely popular among all types of Indian live casino players. 

Regardless of their level of experience. Aside from an appealing interface and a user-friendly experience, Adventures Beyond Wonderland offers a plethora of lucrative bonuses. As a result, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a compelling proposition. 

Best Adventures Beyond Wonderland Strategies:

In Adventures Beyond Wonderland, the best strategy is to place bets on the bonus rounds. If you want to concentrate on the regular game segments, you should play Dream Catcher or Playtech’s Spin A Win.

Strategy No. 1:

Bonus in Wonderland – Place bets on all bonus segments to increase your chances of landing a bonus. You can also bet on a number segment – we recommend 10, which has a good RTP and is the best paying “normal” segment.

Strategy No. 2:

Multiplier Madness in Wonderland – Place a bet on one or two segments to increase our chances of hitting the multiplier during the mystery bonus. This strategy is not recommended because the chance of a bonus activating is too high.

How to Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

To play Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland, you can place bets ranging from £0.10 to £500. Whatever you bet, the following factors are always in play:

  1. You place a wager on one or more of the following: Magic Dice, 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 Wonder Spins, 5 Wonder Spins
  2. The game begins when the host spins the wheel.
  3. The flapper will point to a specific segment when the wheel comes to a stop. The outcome is determined by this segment.
  4. If the caterpillar lands on one of two “mystery” segments, you will be awarded a random prize, which could be cash or a multiplier worth up to 10X.

There are no bets on the mystery segments, but if they are triggered, everyone wins.

If the wheel stops on a segment you’ve bet on, you’ll win the following:

  1.     1 = 1X payout
  2.     2 = 2X payout
  3.     5 = 5X payout
  4.     10 = 10X payout

Magic Dice:

In this bonus game, you can roll either a white or a red die. The dice are rolled in a shaker, and the number on the die you choose determines how far you advance around the prize board. Depending on where you stop, you could win up to 100X your money.

2 wonder Spins:

When a new money wheel appears, the bonus round begins. You will receive two spins of the outer layer and two spins of the inner layer. The outer layer contains 54 segments, each with a prize worth up to 50 times your bet. Additional multipliers worth up to 10X can be found in the inner layer. These multiply the initial multiplier, resulting in payouts that can exceed 500X (wins are capped at £500,000).

4 Marvelous Spins:

You will receive four spins on the Wonder Wheel during this bonus round (as described above).

Honest Adventures Beyond Wonderland Review:

If you thought Spin a Win was the only new wheel of fortune game to come from the Playtech live studio, you were mistaken! The leading software developer recently launched Adventures Beyond Wonderland, a live casino game show that will take you back to your childhood.

The rules are straightforward, and the rewards keep coming. Adventures Beyond Wonderland, as the name suggests, is based on the story of Alice in Wonderland. Live hosts and animated characters play characters from the story and keep the action moving. The game includes several bonus rounds that will undoubtedly provide any free spirit with an out-of-this-world gaming experience. Having said that, we had a lot of fun writing this Adventures Beyond Wonderland review. It’s a unique and entertaining experience that we haven’t found in a live casino setting before. It is a well-designed, entertaining game, and has the potential to be profitable.

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