7 Online Craps Misconceptions Players Often Struggle With

Any game that exists at a casino has probably developed misconceptions through time. This is also true with craps. It has long been one of the most well-liked games on the casino floor due to its relatively low house margin and low entrance barrier.

Numerous misconceptions have been known to cause gamblers to second-guess their wagers over the years. Now is the moment to dispel the misconceptions and tell the truth.

In this article, we will tell you about the seven online craps misconceptions players often struggle with. So, if you are an online craps player then read this article till the end.

Always buy in

You will always hear casino gamblers saying “you should always buy in on an online craps table. Well, this is the one of biggest misconceptions about craps. You don’t have to hand your money directly to the dealer, they can’t take it from you. Place the money on the Come section or the felt right in front of you.

Don’t try to buy in, in the middle of the roll when the puck is on. Wait for the puck to go off before buying in. Most players buy-in, in the middle of the roll. Don’t do that, it is not necessary.

The phrase “Good Shooter” is untrue

It’s hard to explain this, but we think there have been instances throughout history of players who have thrown the dice in a way that produced results that weren’t entirely random. It makes sense why many should be dubious of the idea as it is likely the most contentious issue in the game. We admit that, despite our knowledge and skill, we didn’t believe it was possible to influence the result of a dice roll in any way.

You should never make late bets

People who play online craps often say that you should never make late bets. Well, placing a late bet is a thing that happens unintentionally or due to some circumstances. Like, the dealer didn’t hear you and later you place a bet.

Making a late bet is not wrong if you do it in the right way. If you are placing a late bet, place it on the line between the Come and Field section. Doing this will not let the dealer know that you have placed a late bet and the dealer will ask you what is this bet.

If you play craps online, you are at risk of being cheated off

Most people who don’t know support online craps believe that playing online craps is risky as they will get cheated. Well, this will only happen if you don’t use a trustworthy platform to play craps online.

There are many websites available on the internet that claim to be trustworthy websites to play craps online, although few of them are trustworthy.

Before playing craps online, you should do a lot of research about a website that is trustworthy to play craps online. By using reliable online craps websites, you will never be at risk of being cheated.

There are no rules for dice

Most players think that there are no rules for dice in online craps. Well, there are some rules for dice that you have to follow in craps. You can’t switch hands with dice, you can’t take dice outside of the craps table.

if you want to set your dice to a particular number or you think setting them might affect the outcome of the roll, then you certainly can do that but Just don’t take forever doing it.

Online craps players earn greater bonuses than offline craps players.

The idea that players receive higher bonus rates at online craps games is one of the misconceptions we recently ran into. Brick-and-Mortar casinos sometimes almost double the comp rate for craps players. Many online casinos will give out 0.5%, or half of that amount.

Spending an extra hour at the tables won’t benefit you in any way. For most craps players, that doesn’t pose a significant barrier. However, you should either stick to land-based casinos or choose another game if you’re looking for bonuses.

7 and 11 are lucky numbers.

These numbers have a chance of winning the come-out roll. Nothing further. These wagers are the poorest in terms of odds compared to other wagers. Any wager They are therefore not at all lucky. simply numbers. Don’t assume too much.


So, these are the seven online craps misconceptions players often struggle with. We hope you found this article helpful.

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