7 Blackjack Tips to Win the Game – A Detailed Guide

If you are dreaming about playing a perfect hand at a Blackjack game in a casino, it is not just about the practice, but the minute little hacks that can get you into place. And you can straight away be the winner if you know how to play the cards in the right way. Blackjack can be a highly yielding casino game, only if you know how to get started and maintain the streak.

Blackjack can be played at multiple levels – for the beginners and for the pro players. Here are some of the best Blackjack strategies to get started with and applicable both for the beginners and the advanced players.

Top 7 Blackjack Tips to Make the Game a Fair Win’

Here are the best Blackjack tips to ensure that you walk away with money:

 Choose Gaming Only at Lenient Tables

Some casinos are a bit more liberal when it comes to rules than others. When you get into the game of Blackjack, you probably have to do some scrounging to get hold of the best tables offering a liberal play. Now, how to do this? Well, you just got to play at the tables with a 3-2 payback. The 6-5 payback of Blackjack is actually quite worse. Some of the other liberal rules to look out for are : the dealer should have the stand point on soft 17 and pair splitting should be allowed. If all the tables are offering the same rules, it is best to go for the single or double deck games rather than the six to eight deck games.

Using Strategy Card

Probably you haven’t seen many players using these laminated plastic cards when playing Blackjack. But, you must know that these are amazing. The strategy cards can be your real time savior especially in cases of crisis or deadlock during a Blackjack game. The cards cannot be placed on the table because of safety concerns. So the players can have it in their hand. The best thing strategy cards ever do is to prevent the players from committing silly mistakes on the table and also help them make fair and best possible decisions in the game.

Get Your Basics Right

The game cannot be won without the basic strategies in place. Know the basic rules, stick to them and don’t try to cheat. That is probably the best you can do to save yourself from losing.

Avoid Insurance Wager

Insurance wagers are truly one of a kind sucker bets in Blackjack. Though the winning insurance bets have a payout of 2-1, the odds of winning are actually much less than 2-1. In any situation, do not accept any insurance wager deal. You need to know that betting on insurance wager clearly means you are expecting the dealer to have an ace up card and a ten value downcard which probably isn’t one of the most possible scenarios.

Stay Out of Progressive Strategies

Lucrative progressive blackjack strategies might seem to be the best way to make huge wins, but they are not so in reality. Trust the entry level and simple card counting systems instead of sizing the bets on winning or losing records of the previous game. Betting higher can be profitable only when the pack consists of high value cards rather than low valued ones.

Trust the Streak

Remember that the wins for Blackjack actually is a free flowing streak. If you have already won 3 games in a row, there are high chances that you are in the winning streak. It is at this moment, you can try to escalate your bets because it can maximize the profits. Similarly, if you are on a losing streak, that is you continue to lose the games in a row, you should aim at losing the bets.

Sign Up for Rewards Program

If you are playing blackjack at any online casino platform, ensure to sign up to any associate reward programs. The collected points during the game often determines your game duration and your betting stances.

Final Thoughts

The correct approach for winning any and all games of Blackjack is to stick to the fair basic ways. Another important Blackjack tip for all the casino players is to go light on the booze. The alcohol is supposedly going to suppress your thought process and can cost you wins. Play hard and stay focused on the playing strategy. Casinos are entertaining but too much entertainment can ruin your game and bring down your chances of being Blackjack winners.

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