7 Best Tips To Help You To Throw The Jeetwin Dice In A Craps Game

Craps is a game featuring unfathomable entertainment and fun. It has got the adrenaline rush that one needs to stay put and keep upbeat in any casino game. Craps is a leading community game that has got so much to do and it is best played with a group of friends. Don’t presume that craps with Jeetwin Dice are just fun. Players can win really big from the Craps game only if they know the strategies. One of the major game plans that works in the game of Craps is the trick to roll the dice.

Palm Conditions

Gambling in itself is quite a nervous affair in itself. So, it is quite obvious that the pams can get sweaty. Under such waves of anxiety, it is quite usual that your palms will get wet and you would lose the grip and control over the dice. Such clammy fingers are a big turn down for the dice rolling. Always keep your hands dry – use a handkerchief and keep your hands dry all the time.

Choose the Spot Wisely

This might seem a bit weird, but it is true that the gaming outcomes are different from different spots. Experts say that choose the spot based on your past experiences with winning and also the location where you feel truly comfortable. Especially for longer throw arcs, the players should choose their spots easily. Choose  a space from where your hands can operate flexibly and you can explore the widest range of motion for throwing the dice.

Pre Set the Position of the Dice

The dice position while initiating the throw matters a lot when it comes to the game. Expert craps players always suggest that keeping the 4 on the top of the dice is a fruitful position. But it is definitely not that this is always going to work for all players under any circumstance. For example, another school of players agree to the fact that placing 6s on the top is more fruitful than 4 and works best for them. In this regard, the position of the dice and the hand of the player also matters. The best throws are often initiated from the innermost hub areas that originate from the table’s head.


Various techniques work for setting the grips for dice. A pro player always tries out various techniques for throwing the dice. And ultimately figures out the one that works best for them. Stay calm during the game

Master the Grip

Mastering the grip is crucial, but there aren’t any fixed strategies for that – one could use the techniques as they wish and in whichever way they feel comfortable. There are two fundamental rules of thumb when it comes to throwing the dice- first is to be as delicate as possible and never apply any force on the dice and secondly, study about the trajectory while throwing the dice. A strong forceful upward swing for example is never the right way to handle a dice. A linear trajectory always works the best.

Smooth Shot

Shoot the dice smoothly when it comes to Craps. The dice must hit the back wall when you throw it. Move the dice forward and backward in a swing like a pendulum and then throw the dice. The controlled momentum helps to make the dice swing in a better position. For Jeetwin dice and associated online Craps game, it is much more than just RNG predicting the results. Some advanced players also add backspin to the dice to make the game better and more exciting.

Slow and Steady

Go steady and follow the pace. Slow, steady, smooth shots win the game. Craps is a game that needs a lot of care and effort. There is practically no room for hastiness in this game. Play is slow and steady.

These tips can ensure your success in the game of Jeetwin Dice.

As already discussed, Craps is one such game in a casino where luck plays a huge role. You have to control the dice rolling in order to win big. Controlling the dice is more about how you can execute it with your hands rather than using any complex math to get an outcome.

So, it is more of practical hands-on skills that will help you roll the Jeetwin Dice in a game of Craps. Practice makes a man perfect and so does your skill set. Master your grips and also choose an ideal position for playing. If you are a pro dice roller you must be aware that not even all the pro gamblers can roll the dice well whereas many not so pro gamblers have excellent dice rolling capacity.

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