3-reel Slots vs 5-reel Slots Machine Explained

Casino games can be fun if you know how to play and start earning money. But not many casino games are easy to understand when it comes to gameplay. In addition to this, there are strategies, which can sometimes be near impossible to understand. So the beginners always stay away from casino gamblings. But thanks to recent developments, casinos have come with ideas to make gambling beginner-friendly and easy to play.

One such easy game is the reel slot. Be it online or land-based, reel slots have become the go-to choice, not just for beginners but for anyone who wants an entertaining form of gambling.

One such game is the 3-reel slots. They were first invented in the year 1900. As time went by and the popularity for 3-reel slots grew, casino owners came up with an even more interesting 5-reel slot. So now, let us understand the difference between 3-reel slots and 5-reel slots.

3-Reel Slots:

3-reel slots are famously known as Classic Slots. The 3-reel slot machine was the first of its kind, and hence the name. Having just three reels, they are simpler to play, and the probability of winning is slightly higher than other reel slots.

Available in online and land-based casinos, these slot machines have common symbols like fruits, bars, and the number seven. However, they are also known for having a simpler gaming experience and not-so-pleasant graphics. Due to this, the minimum betting requirement is very low.

Benefits of 3-Reel Slots:

3-reel slots are known for their simplicity. They require less knowledge and are extremely beginner-friendly. Each reel slot game can also be played in a matter of a few seconds.

Since the wagering investment is also very less, the potential to earn a big payout is high. In addition, in some 3-reel slots, the winning profit increases with an increase in the initial betting amount. Hence the higher you bet, the greater is your profit margin.

De-Merits of 3-Reel Slots:

1. The first major de-merit is the graphics and poor gameplay. It may not be an issue for all, but those people who are into liking prettier, pretty things can find it to be a huge turn-off.

2. Since most of these slots machines do not have a bonus game option, the result of the reel slot is dependent fully on luck. Hence, you cannot predict the outcome as it is based on a pseudo-random number generator.

5-Reel Slots:

One major difference here is that it has five reels compared to just three. Because of more reels, the outcome’s probability increases; hence winning the jackpot is very low. But to compensate for this, 5-reel slots provide a variety of bonus games, which requires skill rather than luck to win. These skill games, if won, clearing the objectives and minimum requirement will reward you with various cash prizes.

Because of high graphics and a relatively better gameplay experience than 3-reel slots, the minimum betting money for 5-reel slots is also higher than 3-reel slots.

Benefits of 5-Reel Slots:

One stand-out feature of the 5-reel slots is that wild symbols replace the regular ones. It is also very common for 5-reel slots to have a bonus game.

Bonus games are very useful as they don’t solely depend on luck. Bonus games can be anywhere from free spins to a mini arcade game. Even if you don’t win the reel slot, these allow you to play a skill game, which pays you upon completing the minimum requirements.

De-merits of 5-Reel Slots:

1. The only major drawback is the 5-reels. Because of this, the probability of winning is very low. Yes, most 5-reels offer bonus games, but trusting your luck is the only viable option for machines that don’t.

2. Sometimes, even in bonus-based slot machines, you cannot win due to a lack of skills. It can take a huge toll because the betting investment on 5-reel machines is much higher. Hence, if you don’t win, you end up losing a lot more and faster money than in 3-reel machines.


In conclusion, both 3-reel slots and 5-reel slots have equally good positives and negatives. Ultimately, it all comes down to your preference and taste. But one thing is assured: they are relatively easier than other casino games and far more entertaining.

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